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Hi...  I have a 15 year old daughter with significant hear issues.  As I search for a facility to help develop her self defense skills, what skills do I need to ensure she gets?

I live where there are several Martial Arts places and a Krav Maga School.  I can not spend forever learning basic skills.  We need to learn the skills (3+/- months) and move on.  I am happy to do annual refresher... but I am not searching for a major lifestyle change.

Our family also has basic boxing, and wrestling/escape skills.  Can you suggest a discipline that best fits this situation?

Hello Sam,

Thanks for choosing me as your expert.I apologize for the delay of my reply but I hope this will be helpful to you.

Boxing, wrestling and Krav Maga are all excellent. I think whatever training you can give her is valuable and even outside training home practice is invaluable. As in anything if you don't use it you lose it.

The challenge is that your daughter is hearing impaired. I have experience with hearing impaired students, including a club member who won a local MMA match. Physically they can match the hearing move per move. Except that in the ring our deaf player could not be coached because signing to him would distract in his match. He had to memorize a game plan and stick to it.

However your daughter presents a different challenge. I assume you mean her to be street ready. That is more challenging because she may face violent encounters without the benefit of your protection.

The suitability of the school/training for your daughter depends on the instructor really. But here's some things which you may ask if they teach.

Situational Awareness. Especially since hearing is a problem, do they teach how to scan the area for possible danger. Do they teach how to use the eyes properly to watch out for an impending attack. Whatever their style they must be willing to slow down to sign/gesture to your daughter to show and make her feel the techniques.

I interpret to the students and make them pay attention to which part goes where and how to feel it. It's my advantage as a signer. But our instructor does it by careful gesturing and pointing and touching important parts of the technique. (like in wrestling or jujitsu, lots of body contact). It's a given you should have trust in this instructor to only touch appropriately in the context of instruction.

So to sum up you need a school which teaches awareness and more visually oriented and one that ca address your daughter's special needs.

I hope i can be of more help if you need me. I feel there might be follow up questions that you need to ask.

Eugene Ming

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