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I recently took some training in baton and pepper spray tactics in a law enforcement job i ended up not taking but i miss the drills pt and i loved the tactical training to become a peace officer.I now have an interest in getting good at fighting how do i start?I understand that fighting hurt and anyone can lose at anytime as our instructor kept reminding us.How can i get into it in my personal life as im going back into transportation but am stirring inside about this new found knowledge and interest.Also when one is learning fightinglike krav maga or something is it realistic i mean sometimes you have to fight hurt and all training is done with protective pads guards that dont swing back and no trauma invloved whats your theory and advice

I'm not sure how to answer this. Use of force isn't the goal. It's a way to achieve a goal.

If you just love testing yourself against others, there's always boxing and/or MMA. Unlike so called 'combative' systems (which usually are just MMA) boxing and MMA have competitions where you go up against people from other gyms so you're not always rolling with the same guys.

If you get off on getting hit and hitting others there's also muay Thai, where pads are minimal.

That's 'fighting' and it will make you good at it.

The problem is fighting is illegal. The only way to get away with it without spending a lot of time in jail cells, is in the ring. Where there are some limitations, but that's the price you pay for fighting without having to wear an orange jumpsuit.  

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