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Self Defense/Can military training be adapted for urban environments?


Hello Sir, thank you very much for taking time to answer.

Information came to me that in modern day's danger situations, where multiple opponent e.g. gang attacks, armed attacks e.g. guns, shiv and makeshift edged weapons, are quite frequent than the old classic versions of traditional dojo, e.g. someone shows a knife and gets in ready pose for a duel or some big man drops into a karate stance and thrust kicks your face etc...

Therefore I was wondering if military training's aspects on awareness, staying safe out of hostile attacks, formations and possibly combat training would be sufficient to be adapted to obey the laws and its theories applied to a civilian or urban situation please.

I appreciate your feedback and thoughts on anything regarding to whether some of these theories can still be applied even in a place where firearms are prohibited by law and the only line of defense is only your mouth and your body legally.


It's hard to say what would be "sufficient." "Sufficient" is whatever works.

You are correct traditional oriental martial arts will be of limited value. The reason is that they were developed to counter the types of attacks common in their own day, and were then codified and solidified. They did not / do not change with the times, and unfortunately this is the case with any martial "art."

Military training, however, constantly adapts, either proactively, or (after loosing enough men) reactively. It does, however, adapt because it is forced to.

We teach a four-sectored paradigm:

1) Awareness of surrounding and avoidance of what looks dangers or gives a bad feeling.

2) Evade and escape. In a civilian setting there is no cause to and no legal grounds for "closing with and killing the enemy." If egress is an option, it is the one that should be taken.

3) Capitulate. In a no-win situation (eg, two guys have guns in your face) to fight would be to die. In certain situations capitulation is the right course of action, but NEVER the permanent course. With real criminals you are in real danger during the capitulation, so you must always be looking for a way of escape, or an opportunity to successfully fight.

4) Fight. You fight only if 1 and 2 have failed. In the system we teach in a civilian setting, fighting is to counter death or grave bodily injury. As such, we teach an all-out, no-holds barred method of fighting. The goal is to end the conflict as quickly as possible, getting to safety, and calling the police. Hopefully, if it gets to this point, the legalities will fall into place, but legalities are "problem two," which you can't get to until you solve "problem one" which is staying alive.

In short, you can avoid 90% + of anything you would encounter by awareness and avoidance, evasion and escape. In the < 10% instances that you are actually threatened with immediate harm, you need to look for escape first, and if there are no other option, fight like a banshee.

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