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Hi how are you.I always curious about judo wether it is applicable for street defense or street confrontation. Someone told me that if you successfully throw someone on the ground on the concrete he or she will lose the ability to fight back and end the fight instantly so that you could run away. Is this true? In your experience have you seen anyone use judo in the streets?

I like Judo for exactly that reason -- you can throw and run.

I also like it because it teaches (as an integral part of the art) to dodge and move off line. Which is the absolute best way not to get hit.

It also teaches you how to fall safely, which is a skill you'll use a lot more in life than you will fighting.

The fourth reason I like it is because in social violence, the strategy of both 'fighters' is hey- diddle- diddle-straight-up-the-middle. That means like two trains rushing towards each other on the same tracks, there's going to be a crash. That's where Judo is good, it teaches you to get off the tracks, not crash into the dude and if he crashes into you, how to fix that problem.

Having said all that, remember no system covers all the different ways violence manifests. While Judo is great for handling a guy who wants to beat you up, it's not as effective if four guys are trying to rob you. So yes, it's good, but it doesn't solve everything for you

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