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Self Defense/Is there any way of staying safe from serial killer/stalkers?


Hello sir. This may sound like a really awkward fantasy based question but is there any way to survive someone seriously intent on giving you grievous bodily injuries at least or murder you at most and if you are already in their proximity and neigbourhood with all that's left is them striking and lashing out?

There is a creepy dude that the police haven't identified who seems to take great pleasure in stalking and trailing students at my school. The danger is so huge that police are patrolling my college 24/7 outside the gate.

I am very terrified so far.

Thank you.

The answer is 'it depends.'

It depends on how good he is and it depends on how good you are.

Simple truth is most of these guys really aren't that good at two-way violence. That's why they pick and choose victims who are incapable of fighting back (or trick those that might into situations where they can't). They're usually correct in believing will give them the best chance to safely commit what they want to do. They're predators, not combatants. As such they tend to avoid picking targets that are likely to gut them like a fish.

Fundamentally the problem is that too many people think that protecting themselves is someone else's job.  This seriously reduces their ability to handle an attack from someone who is intent on causing them harm. Or for that matter, anyone just looking to fight. People refuse to come out of their comfort zone. That makes it an absolute buffet for predators. On the plus side -- unless some very specialized circumstances occur -- the usual response of predators to hard targets is bypass them and go after easier ones.

Here's a problem that shows up if you go after a hard look without the willingness to back it up. People who have felt it's someone else's job to keep them safe, have a really bad habit of underreacting when they do try to be violent. Some creepy dude is following them and what do they do? Turn confront, insult and yell at the person, thinking that will scare him off. While that might work, it's just as likely to communicate to the predator that the person isn't willing to use physical force (or is vulnerable to a higher level of committed force). So now you've managed to make it personal AND give the guy your measure. Not a good thing.

Now I'm not telling you to hide around the corner with a baseball bat. what I am saying is "Don't confront if you aren't willing to do what is necessary."  I often tell people "You only have two problems  with violence. One is if it doesn't work. Two is if it does work." If you haven't put the legwork in before hand, don't just think you're going to handle this well. For all anyone knows the guy is retarded or has some other mental disorder and is therefore harmless, but weird. Or he could be getting off on just scaring people (again harmless). Or he could be an idiot amateur working his way up to attacking someone (but hasn't yet). Or he could be a serious predator. You won't know until it's you facing him. Thing is, each of those require totally different responses and strategies. If you don't know them, confrontation isn't the best strategy.

So yeah, these guys can be handled, the question is "Can you do it?"  That's a question I can't answer. Your best strategy is to organize people to instead of freaking out when they are being followed, to take the guy's picture and call the cops. Don't go home, go into a market or business and wait for the police. Not only spread the word among students, but local businesses as well. These guys rely on anonymity and mobility for their success. Rip the cover off their faceless charade and they usually move onto other  places.

Oh yeah, and if the guy has a record of assaults/rapes odds are good the cops know who it is, but they don't have the evidence they need to nail him. The combination of a complaint and photos of him following give the cops what they need to bring charges.

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