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Self Defense/How to reject women? (without it blowing up in your face) and other questions...


Although men are expected to suck it up when they get rejected/ignored,It has come to my attention that women can't handle rejection. Every time I've rejected a girl,she either turns passive aggressive or even outright hostile(and it seems permanent),even though I do my best to do it in the most gentle and discreet way I can.

Thankfully the experiences were only annoying but I realize this could get dangerous. You know the saying "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?" I have heard stories of self-entitled women going out of their way to cause harm to someone who rejected them,like setting their boyfriend(that she wanted to cheat on with you,ugh!)or some other horny idiot to fight you for their honor.

Besides that,I've been thinking about our last conversation. Although I'm living the most peaceful and almost conflict-free life here in college,I know I shouldn't count on my life staying this way forever. One of my greatest fears is facing workplace bullying. I wouldn't know what to do at all if I ever encounter this problem when I'm done with college. I can ignore assholes on the street because I know that I don't have to deal with them on a regular basis(most of the time,it may just be a one-time encounter)but when they are people I have to regularly deal with in my life,that is when it becomes a problem. Of course,going physical with those people may be an inappropriate response and I know that outside high school,such actions may have bigger consequences(i.e Prison)

What books would you recommend when it comes to avoiding/minimizing conflict in my life? and dealing with difficult people(like bullies and assholes)outside of school? I'm a loner/introvert,I don't think I can really change that part of me,but I'm at good terms with my family.


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