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Self Defense/Blood, Urine, Feces, and other Bodily Fluids and Chemicals from Physical Violence (especially Killing)


This is a really SUPER COMPLEX QUESTION. Parts of it are really silly questions that make you go "duh common sense shows your XXXX !"

In fact I will admit the first part I admit you may probably view as so childish that you won't answer it and will send out an "Expert can't answer your question" response. BUT PLEASE DO NOT reply with:

Hello! The expert can't answer your question.

BECAUSE I am SERIOUS about my entire question including the incredibly FUCKING STUPID first part. If you think my first question in this series of question is incredibly STUPID, PLEASE BEAR WITH ME because the follow up questions I'll ask will start becoming really good questions that are DAMN SERIOUS.

Some even about possible repercussions of violence even you never mentioned on your site that I got curious after seeing this video.

OK Part 1 and the SILLY PART but PLEASE DON'T FUCKING send an "Hello, this expert can't answer your question response"! because its the stepping stones for the basic header question.

When I was a kid I remember playing Medal of Honor: Frontline. This was still during the era when most gamers (especially on the consoles) were teens and little kids blood and gore was mostly absent even from titles with serious themes (such as the Medal of Honor series which takes place in World War II). Even the games with blood, gore, and decapitated body parts and limbs looked cartoony especially in comparison to other mediums during the time because technology was still too limited to accurately copy dismembered legs and arms, blood splatter and spilling, and inner organs flying out.

However shortly after playing Medal of Honor, I got a copy of Ninja Gaiden. Which is a game with LOTS and LOTS of blood and often full of dismemberment (I remember for example in a single stage I must have beheaded over 10000 thugs). In addition I also watched Saving Private Ryan.

Both Ninja Gaiden and Saving Private Ryan were considered technological marvels for their time. No other movie and ivdeo game prior had such a disturbing level of blood, gore, open wounds, bodily decapitations, and chilling shrieks of agony from bleeding to death or losing your leg from an explosion.

When I went back to trying to play Medal of Honor, I couldn't handle the game anymore. It felt that without a splatter of blood the violence in the game was too "fake" because literally there was not a single drop of blood being seen when you shoot a German soldier on the head. I was like "Give me the violence that I saw in Ninja Gaiden and Saving Private Ryan! Give me the blood splatter at least!" as I was replaying MoH.

Now I know you're gonna say "I'm acting like a child". However as soon as more realistic World War II themed videgames came out  such as Call of Duty 3, Brothers in Arms,  and Battlefield Vietnam, a lot of gamers were having similar reactions to what I had towards MoH when they went back to replay the series years later. The lack of blood and cartoony physics (when compared to Call of DUty and later series) made the game feel so dull to play. Gaming has gotten so realistic to the point not just lots of blood splatter but beheadings, dismemberments, and even open disembowelment (including literally taking the intestines out of someone while he's alive and screaming as well as ripping out heart, lungs, liver, and other organs) are now commonplace in video games. You cannot take the "no blood" approach that Medal of Honor did (unless you're aiming your gae at little kids).

However its not just the gaming industry. So many people were impressed at 300 when it was released because of just how realistic and gory the violence was-especially the blood blowing out of open wounds.  The fourth Rambo movie is considered to having the best battle sequences in the franchise because of how realistic the blood would spurt out in ridiculous amounts at the final battle sequences (and in particular the disembowelment of the enemy general).

A lot of people who grew up watching 300 could not stand to watch older action and war movies such as The Longest Day, Excalibur, and even genuinely realistic once (as in they portray military tactics and physics from violence accurately) such as To Hell and Back starring Audie Murphy.

To sum it up people seem to think the seeing bloodshed in violence is entertaining especially in movies  when the bad guy is getting their just deserts.

Hell I even see kids nowadays call some of the most "Exciting and tactical bouts" of all time in boxing and MMA such as Ali VS Foreman and Couture VS Randeman so "FUCKING BORING" because their fights lack the bloodspilling and open facial wounds showing blood that they see in modern video games and war movies!

I am curious though how glamorous is seeing blood spilled in real ghetto violence and criminal activities? In particular if the person being hurt is a bad guy who you hold an intense grudge of such hatred against because he committed an unforgivable horrific act (such as raped your sister or murdered your dad)?

In this new generation even the more gentle kdis who can't stand blood often cheer out when they hear stories about a pedophile getting mauled to death in such a brutal manner there is blood everywhere.

AGAIN this question is so fucking stupid and I apologize if it offends you but I have far more questions coming up (especially with the two other substance urine and feces). In fact, I'm gonna go right ahead and link what inspired me to ask this question to show how serious I am.

Actually you're teetering on the edge of can't answer the question. But not because it's impossible to answer, it's that so much has been lost from our society and we don't recognize how this disconnects us from the reality that was our ancestors lives. And how that, shaped the human brain. The reason for the 'borderline' is you're onto something big, but do you have the prerequisite knowledge to understand the ... well, not answer, but the complexities of what you're asking?

We are -- and this is not hyperbole -- living in a unique period of human history. One that we have NEVER been in before. The question is it sustainable? Or, will we fuck it up because we don't have the checks and balances that both limited and influenced/shaped our ancestors thinking and understanding? Checks and balances that kept us from going over the edge of insanity and self-destruction.

Have you ever killed and eaten something? If you have, you are in a minority of Americans. However, what puts you into a micro minority is if you've ever been in circumstances where if you didn't kill something, you didn't eat. I assume you eat meat. Humans (especially Americans) have industrialized the raising and killing for meat so the individual doesn't have to. I've been to -- and no lie, there is a museum for it in Minnesota -- the Spam Museum. It was attached to the Spam factory/complex in Austin MN. While I was there, I asked the curator and was told that 18,000 pigs enter the doors everyday and come out as 100s of thousands cans of Spam (most of them shipped to Hawaii). Professionals and factories produce your food -- you don't.

This strongly disconnects us from the raising and killing of animals so we can eat. How much so? Killing a chicken for dinner was a child's job until the last century. Don't think this hasn't effected how we think. I was taking a hunter's safety course a few years ago and the instructor mentioned the greatest negative impact to hunting in human history was the Disney movie "Bambi."  Now cute, innocent, talking animals are the perception we are raised with. And killing them is evil. Yet, we still eat meat - we're just free from having to raise and kill it ourselves. This creates a huge mental disconnect from us and our food sources.

We also have been socially conditioned that "Violence never solved anything." Which is complete bullshit. But it's very easy to say with complete confidence. More than that it a flat out lie and extremist position. One that is both hidden and contained in one word: Never. Never is a really big word, because it is an absolute. It is also demonstrably false. In order for 'never' to work, you'd have to ask every person on the planet, "Hey, has violence ever worked for you?" If only ONE person said 'yes,' then 'never' is blown out of the water. (And yes, violence HAS worked for me to solve problems.) But where it gets ridiculous is that you'd then have to build a time machine and ask everyone who has ever lived. THAT'S how big of a word 'Never' is.

Simple fact is, human beings are wired for conflict. It's in our nature. We have lots of other aspects to our nature, but right now society is trying to deny that aspect. We're told we can't do it. Yet at the same time it keeps on coming back. Video games and movies give us a fantasy relief to these drives which keep a lot of conflict and violence from happening. Which is hey, a pretty good thing -- on one hand.

The problem is that they also give us unrealistic expectations about violence. I know of a gang member who was shot and was laying there screaming "It hurts! It hurts! It's not supposed to hurt!" On a deep level we know that gore accompanies violence and killing, (hence the video games you were talking about). What we don't know -- unless we've been there -- is the smells, the nausea, the fear and loathing that accompany it. Nor, do we recognize how important it is to avoid it if at all possible and the grim determination required when that isn't possible.

It's easy to kill pixels. Hell the kid and I do it all the time. But that doesn't give you the same understanding as actually being there -- and why, while negotiation and compromise are a better way, what a bloodbath is coming if you don't.

You're asking about the headspace of people in a society that demands we deny our basic nature. That is a LOT bigger than just video games.

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