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Self Defense/Blood, Urine, Feces, Sperm, Saliva, Vomit other bodily fluids-can they be harmful in a fight (and the aftermath)? Even possibly being a tool you can use in the middle of combat?


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OK to summarize the followup question (this time condensed so it won't be a rant).

I am incredibly curious why manuals-written for violence professions and often written by people who have killed so much in the past (or at least sponsored by an organization so involved in killing people)- NEVER MENTION about feces, semen, and other stuff possibly messing you up when you kill a person.

I mean none of the police booklets I got from the academy my brother's attending, none of the Field Manuals of the US Army, and most surprising none of the classical martial arts texts and Medieval and Renaissance fencing manuals even mention about your opponents accidentally spitting out saliva because they were so hurt. None of them go over accidentally shitting on yourself in the middle of witnessing a guy charging at you with a knife.

With the styles these manuals are written about being proven as so effective time and time again and the mention of incredible details of human mechanics and specific joints, I'm surprised something as basic as vomiting after  being hit in the throat is never mentioned.

You were the first person whose works I ever read that ever warned that you will be sure to have to contend with yucky human wastes should you decide to walk the road of violence.

Why are such details omitted?

Now to the main meal. There's a reason I mentioned someone spitting saliva out because they were so hurt from your blow and your vision gets ruined because the spit is covering your face. I actually witnessed  a street fight in which one guy spat large volumes of saliva from getting punched so hard in the stomach. It literally spilled on the face of the guy who hit him.The guy who hit him started panicking because he site was blurred. While he was trying to wipe the spit of his face, another gang member went behind him and suckerpunched him to the ground.

I've been reading about how many injuries were fatal back in Greek and Medieval Warfare because in addition to primitive medicine and technology, wounds would become infected because an enemy's blood would enter upon some of your wounded areas and diseases would spread. So even if you only have minor scratches and you came out of the battle quite relatively able-bodied and unharmed, you could die of diseases your enemy had because his blood spilled on your own minor wounds.

In addition one of my buddies (in a gang) got a serious case of gangrene in his hand and had to get his thumb amputated. He told me he was bitten in that same thumb in his last fight and never thought it'd turn black. By the time he went to the hospital it was too late and he always thought fighting was such a fun activity he never bothered putting disinfectants in his wounds. He wishes he had taken this more seriously and is now avoiding fights. But he was shocked a simple bite could cause an amputation to happen according to the doctors and tried to complain other worse wounds (such as a knife slash on the feet) never caused such things before. The doctor told him the person who bit him may have had a very diseased gum with nasty saliva full of bacteria which is why it got so serious into gangrene and had to be amputated.

So I am quite curious- could you get serious diseases or even worse injuries because your enemy's feces spilled over you as you were stabbing him to death?  Is human fluids a neglected topic in the world of fighting?

Going so related, can you use human wastes as a tool or tactic? In addition to the guy who's vision was blurred by saliva, I remember a movie in which the hero won a fight by peeing on his enemy after throwing a combo and knocking him to the wall. The enemy was so shocked the protagonist would go through such extent he froze and just stood there nearby the wall. After he finished peeing on his enemy, the hero took advantage of his opponent's frozen state and did a brutal combo that KO'ed the enemy.

The hero even mentions afterwards that the villain would have won in a "clean" one-on-one fight but he knew the bad guy never experienced something like that before hence the reason for urinating on the bad guy in the middle of the fight as one of his trump cards in the fight.

First off why should they mention it? How often in movies do you see someone taking a shit? Yet in reality you spend more time in the john dealing with bodily functions than you do having sex, but guess which activity shows up more in movies, TV and entertainment?

Having said that, I can't answer why they don't deal with it in your brother's POST (cop) training. (I thought they did.)  I know later on cops are given basic information about medical stuff. Hell I know people who teach it. (It's why they wear rubber gloves with certain people). The information is known and shared. But it's also policy that the cops get medical attention for injuries. So it's likely this is more of a verbal pass on than in writing.

Also maybe they hold off sharing that information until later, when the recruit has been already indoctrinated and invested in training. "Okay now that you're a big boy, you gotta know this icky fact."

Think about it cops and EMTs have to know this stuff because they are in continued contact with people. soldiers shoot and move on. Wannabe fighters think they're going to be like soldiers and just move on.

Second, with most stuff, it's not just getting it on you, it's getting into your blood stream, mouth, eyes or up your nose. For example infected blood getting into an open wound you have.

Third in ancient time, well let's just say that they should be called "septic times." Louis Pasteur is the guy who finally put the last nail in the coffin of the idea of spontaneous generation (fleas from sand, maggots from dead meat, etc) instead proving contamination whether microbial or eggs has to occur. This doesn't sound like much, but it cleared the way for sterilization of medical instruments, wound treatment (cleaning the wound) and even "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" regarding septic conditions.

Fourth, even the law knows about this. If someone with AIDs spits in your face, he can be charged with attempted murder.

Fifth yes bodily waste can be weaponized. The Viet Cong used punji sticks that had been soaked in feces. Old, old, trick. Thing about it is this is part of the strategy of wounding not killing. One dead enemy soldier equals one dead enemy solider. One wounded soldier means two more have to take care of him. Which one is a more effective reduction of the enemies fighting force? Also, nursing wounded and infected soldiers back to health is a resource drain on the enemy.

Sixth, unless you're knifing a naked guy, most urine and feces is going to be contained by the guy's pants. Not really an issue, unless you're rolling around on the ground with him. Blood, vomit and spit are more likely to be flying around.

Thing is violent death tends to stink. Even if the guy doesn't die it can smell bad. Intestines have a particularly foul odor.

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