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Hello. In a few months I plan to begin training in Krav Maga for the purpose of physical self defense.

In the months before I begin training, I want to improve my physical conditioning so that when I begin training I can keep up and be physical prepared for the training.

With that said, I am looking for suggestions on exercises I can do over the next few months to better prepare myself for training in Krav Maga and martial arts in general.

Thank you.

Hello Lee,

Happy New Year and thanks for choosing me as your expert.

Any sort of cross training would supplement martial arts training. So any sort of training you take, which suits your biomechanics would be helpful.

However with the explosive nature of Krav Maga's executions, training in both endurance and stamina would be beneficial.

Just to differentiate, endrance is how long you last, stamina is how fast you recover. You may gas out quick but stamina brings you your second wind.

So for stamina, I recommend HIIT training and Circuit training. For endurance any exercise like running that emcourages steady breathing would be helpful. Hen you can train longer and keep proper form for longer and become more effcient. Weigh training would also not be bad but ask your trainer about explosive sets and training for.muscular endurace. That would be quite different from body building which doesnt really help with athletic performance all that much.

Dont esitate to ask follow up questions as your need arises. Thamk you and have a good day.

Eugene Mimg

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