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Hello. I am interested in developing better self defense skills, specifically in the realm of being psychologically prepared.

I noticed your website has several books on the subject of self defense and mental preparedness.

My main goal is to learn how to not be labeled as an "easy" victim, how to spot potential dangers, how to avoid those dangers, and how to respond in the face of danger.

With that said, could you recommend one or two books from your website I should read?

Thank you.

Start with Rory Miller's "Meditations on Violence"

Follow it with my "In the Name of Self-Defense"

I have a saying, "Violence is easy. Knowing when to be violent is hard."  Both of these books will show you
1) how the subject is both probabilistic* and
2) tools to accurately assess, come up with appropriate use force decisions and articulate WHY you had to do what you did.

The last is important because the self-defense defense (no I didn't just stutter)is what is known as an affirmative defense. You have just done something that ordinarily is a crime and now you have to justify it.

And guess what, in legal terms justification means something different than how most people think it does. The way most people use the term justified is "it's the right thing to do." The legal definition - which you will be held to -- is:

The act by which a party accused shows and maintains a good and legal reason in court, why he did the thing he is called upon to answer.

It's a whole lot more than just saying "I was in fear for my life"  You have to be able to explain WHY. And why no other option was viable.


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