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Hi Eric,
What is the address of the Tai Chi Academy that you learn and teach Wing Chun? Is it under Simon Mayer, Gary Lam, or another sifu ? I found an address for a Tai Chi Academy in Alhambra on Main Street, so is that the one that is by the intersection of Fremont and Main that you mentioned in David's JKD class?
I did not realize that you taught classes at Evergreen and Toyota. I ran a Aikido for Christ Ministry for Hope Chapel, Torrance for 7 years, also taught in the Chevron Petroleum and Technology fitness center in La Habra for 7 years, worked at Toyota Motor Corporation for a short time and then worked in American Honda Research for 7 years in Automotive Engineering.
         Take care and God bless,  Doug

Hi Doug,

It was fun training with you yesterday evening.

Your major cross streets are correct. The address of the Tai Chi Academy is 2620 West Main Street, Alhambra, 91801. The Wing Tsun (aka Wing Chun) is taught by Si Hing Phillip Chang, a Second Technician level instructor under Simon Mayer.

Assuming you are interested, I suggest that you contact Phillip via his meetup group. Feel free to mention my name.

Great to hear that we have a few things in common. I look forward to talking and / or training with you.

Eric Jue  

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