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I've read you assessment about Alpha and Beta behavior. What I want to know is why do people believe being a jerk is "Alpha" behavior? It seems to run contrary to what you said about what being a leader is about[Helping people and getting things done]. I've been around people in positions of power and they often come off as bullies. I mean bullies are weak people, right? How come so many of them seem to get what they want [The girls and the power] is what I'm saying?

-Frustrated Nice Guy

Some years ago I was asked if there was anything I regretted writing. Yes, the alpha/beta stuff.

He's a more accurate introduction to wolf-pack social dynamics

Fact is the alpha is a leader, the beta is a thug. The beta is an enforcer,protector and the most expendable.  There are other named positions that do an important service.

The bullies you are thinking of might actually be betas. However, commonly people try to ape that behavior because that's what they think leadership is.

As to bullies being weak people... that's a lie people tell themselves so they can still feel superior to the bullies. Don't believe it.


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