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Self Defense/How effective are Soccer Kicks in fighting? Especially compared to ¨martial arts¨ style kicks like roundhouses?


One of the biggest arguments you ever see in the ¨Streetfighting vs Traditional Martial Arts VS RBSD VS MMA/Sports fighting¨ is the effectiveness of the ¨soccer kick¨.

On the martial arts side, they always see it as lacking technique and thus one representing thugs and untrained fighters. They dont see it as being useful at all and say your better off sending a kick of such power such as roundhouse. The MMA side also looks down on it, viewing it as a cowardly tactic and even assuming rules allow it, I cannot tell you how many MMA pros and fans state that all you have to do to counter it is grab the feet (because they believe it will be so exposed due to its sloppy nature). Even if if youŕe being kicked while on the ground, MMA supporters state simply grab the leg while its hitting you with your arm or some leg pin and the guy is down for submission. The RBSD (as typical) say KICKS period are terrible technique and include this as one of the techniques you shouldn't do but also say its far more practical than most martial art kicks and one of the few kicks you will ever see them showing as an effective technique along with side kicks. They even encourage it as an endder in a fight when your opponent is down. The street fighting crowd however LOVE this technique to the point its one of the MOST used kicks by brawlers and street fights almost always end with the winner(s) kicking the opponent on the ground like a soccer ball.

More important, even cultures where kicking is traditionally frowned on such as England, even thugs who see kicking as unmanly make an exception for soccer kicks. I cannot tell you how many football riots I seen where English hooligans kick on people who are getting up from the ground. Its only the ¨gentlemen¨ and ¨upperclass¨ folks who saw even the simplistic soccer kick as a forbidden technique and I can point to you so many boxing manuals and publications made in the 1800s of upperclass boxing fans pointing out to the ¨English peasants¨ using soccer kicks as proof of how they lack refinement and class and why the aristocracy is so superior.

Even here in America, before the martial arts craze came in the 60s soccer kicks was probably the only technique your average untrained Joe (who lacked real fighting experience) could think of doing along with stomping as far as ¨leg techniques¨ go in street fighting. Its a telling thing when angry white collar weakers and blue collar workers in the less physically demanding jobs were throwing soccer kicks (and stomps) on policemen during riots and on black people during lynchings. And this was when SOCCER was practically unknown in American society outside of European immigrants!

One thing I will note though is that real fighters with experience I noted-even those with lots of experience and training in MMA and traditional martial arts- will often throw soccer kicks, often as a first resort when they decide to use their legs against a standing opponent, and as one of the primary techniques on a downed opponent they are trying to finish. Just watch so many prison fights to see what I mean.

Even in mainland Asia, when fighting gets too cramped to throw traditional martial arts techniques or when the circumstances prevent proper stance and leverage (such as say a staircase), Asians streetfighters and trained martial artists can be seen throwing soccer kicks in footages in brawls (even though their specific styles don't teach soccer kicks and other dirty techniques).

So I am curious of how effective soccer kicks are?

Also I have to ask why do so many Western martial arts schools and practitioners look down on it? I understand most Asian styles and their texts don't show anything about how to do soccer kicks, not even mention it at all, but for Christ sake trained Asian martial artists and experienced street fighters are shown doing it in LIVE FOOTAGE!

Also what makes this technique so natural along with the stomp that even cultures that tend to forbid kicking (such as 19th century America and Britain) give leeway to soccer kicks and even untrained people who are unfit and never been to a single brawl in their lives do it out of instinct on stomping opponents and even in the middle of their first fight?

One of the worst bruises I ever got was from a chick who was a rollerskater. She laid a kick on me that would have made a muay thai fighter gulp in disbelief.  

Effective movement is effective movement, it doesn't really matter where it comes from. Hell, a lot of the defensive motion I teach people comes from dancing.

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