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Self Defense/Have you notice on the internet so many people brag "seeing kids gunned down,etc" in pissing contests? How legit are they?


I notice a trend on the internet.

Two people start arguing on random crap. Eventually they start start a pissing contest claiming the other ide is an "inexperienced kid" with attacks like "you have no real world experience!!!" or "I've been all over the world kid..." and similar stuff.

During this pissing contest, eventually one of the contestants bring up some claim that they seen war or similar hardships like "I've seen kids get gunned down like they're animals" or "I've murdered many people" or "I received death threats and faced attempted murders" and such stuff on the internet.

Basically they get so involved in proving the other side wrong that they get off topic and start attacking each other's real world experience. Then eventually one starts making an outrageous claim like the one above.

Realllyyy????? I'm calling BS when such claims are brought up. You're going to bring up such horrific memories just to win a silly pissing contest on the internet? If you really been through such events why the **** do you have to bring it up?Even if it is true, the fact you have to state such memories just to win a pointless pissing contest is asign that said participant is childish. ONLY A CHILD could boasts such stuff in a "Iam holier than thou" image to try to boast they are superior than person they are arguing with. Come on, only a sadistic madman could brag about such experiences for a pissing contest!!!

I know people IRL who's been to such events and they NEVER want to talk about it. Even if someone starts acting like an ***, they just keep quiet and maybe whisper "They have no idea....". Even when they do decide to reveal traumatizing experiences they don't outright go "I seen my friend get killed in front of me!!!" or "I killed people with my own two hands!!!" or such in a silly pissing contest. They prefer to keep to themselves as little as posisble even when they bring such stuff, revealing to reveal directly what happened, and you can clearly see a solemn look on their face about the event.

I myself had my strong share of sobbering experiences I hate talking about. I hate having to tell such shameful experiences that if someone were to start a pissing contest I would never reveal it outright and I would just laugh and tell them "you have no idea". TRUST ME I done things ont he scale of a criminal and I would not try to brag it out just to prove someone I'm arguing wrong.

What do you think?Its just so ridiculous the amounts of people online who boasts that they "seen a room of children get gunned down" or they seen "their girlfriend's dead body mutiliated at a crime scene after being dumped and raped" or they were nearly murdered. Its one thing to state it to friend but to try to bring it up in a bragging manner just to beat someone in a pissing contest??!!! Especially to people YOU DON'T KNOW and SHOULD NEVER REVEAL such stuff because they're obviously trying to stir up trouble and you yourself can get into trouble for bringing such stuff up like "I murdered someone!!!" ???!!!

What do you think of such claims?Do you think they're legit or BS? I call BS almost everytime and even if it is true the fact they have to bring up such claims in a silly pissing contest on the internet with someone they don't know is LIVING PROOF that said people are CHILDISH and SADISTIC and COMPLETELY FULL OF ****. If you seen such stuff why brag it? A normal person would HATE talking about such experiences!!!

But while I know people who are war veterans and such, I never been in a situation where say I saw my uncle get executed or where someone tried to stab me to death in the alleys. You have seen such stuff like this and I remember you mentioned you can tell in an instant if someone has been in the street life or not because just by one glance because of some "psychic vibe".

So I seek you advice in this topic. Because the amount of times people bring up   "have more experienced than you and you're sheltered from the real world" card to prove their opponent is full of shit and absolutely wrong in arguments is so common on the internet I am just 100% flabbergasted.

I mean they even bring up the "I stabbed 3 thugs with my knife" or "I watched some Argentinian soldiers gunned down a group of children including my brother" so many times on the internet; WAIT WAIT WAIT if you witnessed such stuff and even participated in it, shouldn't you be paranoid about even revealing that you shot someone with a gun or you were targeted to be executed along with some of the intellectuals in your country but you managed to somehow come out alive? I mean if I saw my brothers get killed by some Serbian soldiers back in 1993 in Bosnia, I'd be far too traumatized to even tell my close friends at a dinner party.

Its not just that but these guys online even BOAST about "seeing my dad beheaded" when they begin to lose online arguments over trivia stuff such as "the incredible Hulk VS Spiderman" or "David Beckham is an overrated soccer player"! Come on I understand yelling those stuff to strangers if they say something like denying the Holocaust happening and you were there firsthand to witness it, but you're going to bring it up over minor stuff like "libertarians are sheltered and lack real world experience!" or "MMA is the ultimate self defense system!". Stuff that has nothing to do with how you're ean experienced heroic badass who was working in Europe years ago to save victims from human trafficking or how you had to go into hiding for years because you pissed a member of the Mexican mafia off.

I mean in the real world outside of the internet I have YET to meet some victim from Rwanda who got his arm chopped not have I ever met a young 20 year old guy who's boasting about how he has so much street experience and is a mofo badass street fighter because the MS13 put a bounty on him (I'm not lying I seen guys bring these two arguments up when they were losing arguments about why Libertarianism is BS).

And even real life survivors of terrible incidents I chatted like 9/11 DO NOT WANT to talk about it and when they do, THEY NEVER BRING it up to prove how "experienced and tough they are" nor to prove why I'm wrong  about why the Hulk would beat Spiderman or why PS3 is superior to Xbox 360 and other minor shit. The real survivors I know, when they do bring up their traumatizing experience, they do so TO warn me and other younger kids to NEVER enthusiastically put themselves in such situations (such as volunteering for war asap it is declared) and so someone else could record their life experiences and knowledge they learned from such incident.

In fact the way you express your streetfighting experience (telling about how the real thing like a knife attack actually occurs and ALWAYS warning in your BOOKS and NNDS website to NEVER place ourselves in a situation where we'd have to use violence to fight for our lives) PROVES you are the real thing.

Your writing actually reminds me of the conversations I had with Vietnam vets I chatted with (and other survivors).

Internet braggarts and blowhards. It's easy for them to say stuff, hard to prove/disprove.

Thing is I learned long ago to ask 'reveal questions.'

I learned this trick from a SEAL when dealing with 'stolen valor.' Thing is someone can research all kinds of stuff about being in the SEALs, but they seldom go into details about SEAL BUD/S training. Something that is ground into your head in during that training is what class you're in. So you ask what was your class number, it doesn't matter WHAT number the guy immediately barks out (e.g. "42") what's important is that it's a conditioned response.  If the guy doesn't immediately come back, he didn't go through it.

Other things are smells -- especially with gore. You ask them questions like "What do you do when you smell Ivory soap. (Ivory soap smells like brains.) What does blood taste like. (It has a metal/iron/copper smell/taste.) Asking someone what things smell like or what they do when they smell stuff is pretty revealing. I don't like the smell of blood, and when I get a wiff it takes me back to either bad memories or I immediately shift gears and 'get onto the clock.'

Ask them about embarrassing bodily functions. Like pissing their pants, shitting themselves or throwing up. People who've been there have those experiences and will freely admit them. This especially when it comes to having been in actual danger. (Where they may hesitate is talking about walking in and puking when they see a dismembered body -- but that too is common, especially for non-experienced people)

You're right to be cautious about people who are too loud and proud about all the bad shit they've seen. It's a form of stolen valor. If you've been in the life long enough there's a lot of pain. A friend of mine is 45 years old and has attended 48 funerals. That's a lot of pain and loss. Not something you brag about to impress people.

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