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  • Why do people feel you're a traitor (to the point of even having the nerve to walk up to you and hit you) because you believe some foreign things not from your tribe is superior? Is it worth even trying to reason with them?

Self Defense/Why do people feel you're a traitor (to the point of even having the nerve to walk up to you and hit you) because you believe some foreign things not from your tribe is superior? Is it worth even trying to reason with them?


Before I go on, a headsup link that explains the title.

READ the ABOVE Articles (even though they may seem like ranting) because its very IMPORTANT to what I'm asking.

Just as with the guy who called me out as a traitor for giving him a Swiss knife (that was MADE in AMERICA), for some tribes it goes far beyond than a pissing contest with another tribe they've feuded with for generations. I cannot believe it I have to say it and I still CANNOT FUCKING believe people can even have this mindset but I seen more than enough examples of this phenomenon that I'd have to ask where the hell does this mindset come from?

I mean as I mentioned in the second link when people are going tribal-and NOT just against ENEMY TRIBES but against groups they never met their whole life (never even knew before) and even their traditional allies- THEY (beyond accusing you as a fucking traitor and physically and emotionally attacking you)......

ACTUALLY have the nerve to HIT you because you believe your local variation of Coco-Cola is superior to those sold in the American market or because you believe American athletes are better than British athletes in most Olympic sports (even though you also stated you LOVE  UK's soccer team so mmuch and you stated that as a PROUD UK citizen your country would DESTROY America not just in soccer but also Badminton and Rugby).

I mean not only was the guy pissing me off in the Swiss incident;  I didn't mention it in the Journal but he threw the first blow pushing me after I I began to yell at him that my dad is in the army and I had a grandpa who was in the marines and served in Vietnam. I got so pissed and pushed him back and thats how the fight occurred (well it wasn't a TRUE FIGHT but a few brief punches were thrown until an adult stopped us both).

I can even point out to historical and even recent real life news incidents where the guy accusing you of being traitor for preferring cars made by white people over cars made by black people (and any other thing "foreign") because I did my research after reading your bleacher thinking article and this Swiss Knife incident suddenly surfaced in my mind.

This is one part of the Bleacher Thinking I cannot understand at all. On the one hand I sort of get that when you're trying to fix the problem or point out your side is adding fuel or at least doing the same crimes, you're pointing out at the elephant in the room hence why people get so pissed (because from personal experience  I know pointing out problems people want to avoid piss them off quickly).

But why get so angry that you want to hit someone because he said Australian backpacks have far more durability than American ones and even RISK your life at probable death because you refuse to drive a properly made 100% safety certified made in Canada car with proper seatbelts,etc and even advance computer tech and you'd rather ride an American car so damaged that one of its doors is missing and its seatbelts are so damaged you can't insert it into the hatchet where it'll stay tight and its brakes are even not functioning properly?

(I listed that example because I ctually saw this on TV once where an American refused to drive a car made in Mexico that was brand new while preferring an American car so badly damaged that its worse than the description I just listed above! Not sure if its just a ruse to wow people and bring in viewers but I wouldn't be surprised if there are people that TRIBAL they'd risk being put in certain death after the experience I had with the Swiss Knife)

I really need  help not just in psychology but also your advice:

Is it worth even trying to help people with this mindset? I still have sour memories about being pushed then get punched in the face and called a traitor just because I was trying to help someone and lend him my Swiss knife (MADE IN AMERICA!!!). I ask becaus esoem of these people's refusal to use things foreign are GETTING THEM HURT and EVEN KILLED (one more incident I'll point; a guy refuse to use his diabetes medicine when he learned the plastic containers were made in China and later got a stroke and died)?

Also have you ever met people like this and could they be just as violent when all you did was offer then a Mexican knife to pop open a beer bottle?

Years ago, I used the "four types of violence" I've since moved onto another one, but on special occasions I come back to it. (This is one.)  There were four types
Fear, (someone acting out of fear)
Frenzy (something has driven the person over the edge),
Tantrum (the guy is looking for an excuse) and
Criminal (gimme/do or I will hurt you).

The tantrum type sounds like what you're talking about.  But to understand tantrum, you gotta know frenzy. Frenzy is the guy has lost it. Odds are something legitimate happened that pushed him over the edge (betrayal, trapped, theft, etc). The key word here is legitimate. You can look at the problem and everyone sees it.

Tantrum is the guy is looking for a reason to go off. And any excuse will do. What really distinguishes Tantrum from Frenzy is with a frenzy you can see the reason. With tantrum it's a WTF?

Simply stated the explosion is a form of self-soothing. The guy is like a pot of constantly boiling water. The violence is a way to reduce pressure. He finds an excuse to blow up (boil over) and he feels better later. But that doesn't reduce the boil, it just reduces the amount of water in the pot. As more is added later, there will another boil over.  It's a constant pattern of explosions.  

The why is it's an excuse to explode.

Thing is while it's always important to distinguish if it's a frenzy or a tantrum, it's also important to make sure you didn't do something to piss the guy off earlier and the dude is using something small as an excuse (delayed frenzy).

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