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Self Defense/What are some basic steps to detect potential male rapists and avoid male rape?


One of the criticisms feminists have made towards your writing is that you focus so much on male on female rape and completely neglect the fact men gets raped tooo.

I gotta agree on your article about potential rapist traits. Its almost entirely focused on female's pov.

However you also always warn about killing in self defense because it may lead you to being gangraped in prison.

Feminists took criticism on it especially when you comment on the Judged by 12 than Carried by 6 and the next ones who will judge you are 12 prison gang members who are raping you in the showers.

So I was inspired to ask you about how to sport a potential male rapist and how to prevent getting into a situation here a male rape may occur.

Are the steps the same as in your writings? Or is it  a whole totally different topic?

Also why have you not comment on this? You stated you worked as a correctional officer once in a community prison and had to stop prisoners from escaping and all that shit so you must have witnessed male rapes occur (or at least the aftermath after someone was raped in prison). So Im surpirsed no writing so far about this topic.

It's not feminists who object to me not covering the subject of male rape --in fact, most of them seriously do not want to address that male rape is even an issue. That's because the funding stays with them if it's presented only as a 'women's issue.'

Unfortunately the 'rape industry' (I call them that because they manufacture victims)pretty much has a strangle hold on the topic -- and what can be said about rape. And they are VERY draconian about protecting their monopoly and control on the narrative of the subject. Simply stated, there are aspects about rape that you simply cannot talk about. The advocates and feminist protectors will lynch you.

As I mentioned in the Webpage there is no subject that I get more hate mail and attacks about the subject than the rape section. And that is only pushing the boundaries of the subject beyond the approved narrative a little bit.  How many more attacks do you think I should subject myself to?

See there's a serious problem here, that is male rape is common -- in certain specialized areas. Mostly among homosexuals and in prisons. Now the prison section of the population is no big deal, but the LGBT activists are very organized. Thing is they really want to downplay both domestic violence and sexual violence in the community. So should I paint another target on my chest?

What I can tell you is the stupid shit soundbite that 'all rape is about power and control' is so simplistic as to be useless. (Worse, it's a cliche that shuts down thinking and research -- why look into it further if you think you know it?) It's a lot more complicated than that.

There is a huge aspect about rape that is overlooked by the industry. That is rape being used both as a form of an "educational beatdown" and an alternative to beating someone so badly that it cripples them.

Think about that last one for a second. Sexual assault as an alternative to physical battery. Is it a species survival mechanism?  In a situation where numbers of healthy and functional people are critical for a group's survival, instead of beating on of your own so badly it physically cripples or kills them, a subroutine kicks in and you instead punish them by sexually assaulting them.

If someone breaks the rules (or needs to be put into their place)this horrible alternative keeps the person alive and physically functional In prison, it gets it done without a murder investigation.

Thing is this changes the dynamic from sheer predation (the popular narrative) to misconduct on both sides. This applies to both female and male rapes.

This is the elephant in the room that nobody is talking about -- and you are not allowed to talk about. Because if you do, "you're blaming the victim." Which again, will get you lynched.

Instead of asking me why I don't write about it, why don't you go ask the feminists and rape advocates (the industry) why they won't let people talk about it? (Oh and if you do, expect to be attacked.)  

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