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Self Defense/Why are bodybuilders, dancers, and many nonfighters with clearly well-built bodies popular targets for "tough guy" types (violence geeks, MMA fanboys,etc) ?


OK I will give this another shot but this time I will divide this by two questions. First read the link below again.

Last time I asked a question using the link, you stated that you cannot answer the question and you left an unsatisfactory comment.

"Basically you're asking "Why are people always looking for a reason to look down on others?"

Someone who is looking will find a reason. No matter how stupid, unrealistic or downright silly it is. It's good enough for them."

Which completely ignored the main question. But I admit I tried to ask multiple question in 1 link and I went on and off through different direction so I will be more specific. Be sure to REREAD the DeviantArt link above at least once so you can better understand what I will type later (BTW I will ask several more questions using the deviantart link later just as a heads up in advance for yah).

You mentioned in a few previous AllExpert questions that a jock types look for a target they could easily beat up and that those who rely on brute strength to win fights will have to cherrypick people obviously smaller than them to have a consistent winning record but its not a good approach because it will make you look like a cowardly bully.

Well I'm not sure if you've noticed it but there is a recent trend among those in the MMA crowd, RBSD world, violence geeks, and in general modern "Realistic Fighting world".

There is a very popular strategy of many "billy badass" types these days of rather than targeting an old woman or a guy who is 5'2 and lacking in muscles, many MMA fanboys/violence geeks/almighty sheepdogs/and other tough guy wannabe types are now starting to target dancers, acrobats, exhibitionist martial artists,manual laborers and MOST of all in particular bodybuilders and anyone who isn't into a fighting sports nor professions but does an activity that will develop beautifully sculpted athletic bodies that show great physical strength.

I mentioned two examples in my DeviantArt link such as the fat Mexican guy (though he didn't fight but he sure loved insulting dancers as though he was hoping they would strike him someday) and the MT fat guy who fought the weightlifter and got his ass handed down.

But seriously those are just two and I cannot tell you how everytime in for example an MMA gym, when newcomers who never taken martial arts before come its the MUSCULAR newcomers who are targeted specifically by a long time mediocre student who is of low rank (brown belt, fuck even a white belt). Despite what you mention of jocks targeting weak opponents and strong people overcoming tiny people, what I seen in MMA gyms (but also applies to dojos, military bases, and other fighting arts establishments) is that enrolled violence geeks and jock types are NOT selecting the small 5'2 puny nerdy newcomers but are cherrypicking guys with 6 packs or "dancers builds" (but lack any knowledge in techniques and fighting). Fuck if any clearly fit newcomers mentions he is into dancing, tennis, bodybuilding,weightlifting or any physically strenuous activity that doesn't involved fighting, he just literally put a target mark on himself and will be the ONE person long-time students specifically will want to fight. Everyone else (including other newcomers with strong athletic bodies) will be ignored. In particular (and I don't FUCKING understand it) any muscular newcomer who admits bodybuilding as his hobby will even be SELECTED not just by other veteran students eager to test out techniques but even by the school or gym coach to be thrown into the ring (  don't really understand this in particular but bodybuilders are really popular targets).

Outside of the gyms I seen RBSD students, traditional martial artists, and MMA fanboys often eager to start shit with muscular people jugging but who are not martial artist or are trying to avoid fighting (and YES I seen it end the same way as the weightlifter vs fat MT practitioner where the RBSD/traditional martial artists/MMA fans try to execute techniques only to be overpowered by the muscular bodybuilder who was only minding his business and running or lifting weights outdoors).

I also seen it happens to dancers practising dancing in public areas in the park, acrobats doing cool tricks, wushu guys practising staff techniques, and so forth.

What is the logic behind this? Why is it no longer considered cool to attack weak people but now popular to specifically attack people with genuine physical strength but who lack knowledge of hand to hand combat by MMA studs and violence geeks and other "OMG I know deadly ultimate system" types? Wouldn't it be better to fight people with knowledge in fighting (even out of shape ones) to show how good you are? I don't understand how pinning a bodybuilder down in an armbar or KOing a tap dancer with an uppercut shows really anything. I mean even if they don't know fighting techniques they are still strong enough to hurt you with random blows (weightlifter vs MT fatso). So its better to take on nerds and other weak people if you doubt you can handle with a trained fighter.

Which is no longer the trend and now its bodybuilders, dancers, and nonfighters athletes who are the popular targets.

Is this a form of cherrypicking? I fail to see how selecting a powerlifter who can carry 500 pound barbell with one arm is an easy target. Nor can I understand why selecting a bodybuilder and KOing him is proof of your fighting prowress.

Once again, you're running too hard and fast with what you think you know -- instead of understanding what's going on. But this time I can take a crack at it.

What I want you to do is take the word bullying and flush it down the toilet. Not because it isn't a real thing. But now so-called experts have gotten a hold of the term and fucked it up to mean anything and everything that makes their little emotional brains go "Eek freak this is bad." The bitch about that is your understanding of the term comes from them.

There's all kinds of violence, conflict, aggression, behaviors and motivations for such. Wrapping it all up under the umbrella term of bullying misses all kinds of important differences. What else is important is that the motivations for behavior is very seldom about just one thing. So it's like a buffet. While everyone walks away with a full plate, what's on that plate (including the portion sizes are all different).

This really makes it hard to give an exact answer to what you think is a simple question.

I'm going to give you another analogy. It's one I use to explain why martial arts training isn't a simple thing.   People who are just getting into the the martial arts look up and see a mountain -- getting your black belt. They think that's the top. So they climb the mountain and once they get there, they see there's a taller mountain behind the first.  A mountain they couldn't see, from the foot of the first one. So they climb the next mountain. Once they reach the peak, it turns out there's a third mountain...

Thing you're not seeing is that only smaller, weaker people are targeted by bullies is a low-land myth. It's kind of like the first mountain. When you're down in the lowlands it's easy to believe that's how bullying works. But now you're seeing that things are more complicated (the second mountain).

The truth is conflict, aggression and ego happens no matter where you are. What changes are the levels and degrees. There's a certain type of person who only targets weaker, smaller, more socially isolated people (what most people think of as a bully). Way too many people think if they pump up and get all big and bad, nobody will bother them. Well, what they don't know is that being weak, there was a type of asshole that they were too small of fish for them to bother with. But by pumping themselves up, they've come onto this kind of asshole's radar.  I've known some extremely violent and hostile people who ONLY target bad asses because nobody else is a challenge.

But there too, there tends to be incredible selection of targets. (Usually within their same race). These guys will go out and start shit with the tough guys they can see. (They're actually blind to really dangerous people -- I mean they literally can't spot them.) So they go out and jam with (and often beat) people who are advertising how tough they are.

Sometimes this gets suicidally stupid. I know of a big name martial artist who used to go out and have students film fights he picked with tough guys. He did this until the day he went up to logging country in the Pacific Northwest, went into a lumberjack bar and got used as a pool cue (lumberjacks are not small and weak). As a bouncer, I always made "No Colors" rules in the bars I worked in. I would explain to the bikers it was not against them. They were welcomed guests because they knew how to behave. The no colors rule was because it was a target. There was always some cocky asshole who thought he'd prove how big and bad he was by taking one of them on. (Hint, you don't fight a club member, you screw with one, you're screwing with the entire club.) I was offering the bikers my personal guarantee that I would handle anyone who tried to start shit with them -- the price for this peace and protection was no colors. Explained this way, the bikers would peel off their colors and either hand them to me for safe keeping, put them on the seats next to them or stuff them in their saddle bags.

Now, what I was talking about there are people who actually fuck with tough guys. A big part of what you're talking about is people who talk shit about tough guys.

If this guy is so big and bad, why is he telling you how he can kick these people's asses? Why isn't he going out and trying to do it? The Mexican guy you spoke about was talking smack about someone else, it didn't become about you until you called him on it.

Thing is there are a lot of people out there who want the (perceived) benefits of being 'tough' but don't want to pay the actual cost. All they see is what -- they think-- is the power and glory of being a bad ass, but don't know (or are afraid) of the real costs. What you call a wanna-be can be seen as a form of stolen valor ( )

Here's some stuff on that

Little people often have big mouths. Thing is, size isn't what makes someone a person little. Their minds, insecurities, jealousies, fears and anger is what make them little. Their need to tear down others -- whether to build themselves up or to make sure everyone is as miserable as them -- is what makes them little. Their need to spit their hate and venom at everyone around them is what makes them little. Their need to attack others for a momentary relief of the constant suck that is their lives is what makes them little.

You're not actually talking about bad asses or bullies, you're talking about little people. So here's some advice, don't be a little person. And you can start doing that, by not listening to little people. You do that, by first recognizing them -- starting with their need to tear others down. Then you can keep from getting caught in their traps. Because when that happens, they target you.

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