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My question comes from a recent experience I had while travelling. I was staying in a backpackers and playing my guitar and singing for some people in the common area where I was hanging out with these two German girls I'd met earlier in the day. There were also two French guys who were trying to compete for the attention of these girls and were obviously trying pretty hard to get laid.

Anyway mostly I just ignored them and did my own thing and kept on playing, then at one point they were getting jealous of the attention I was getting from singing and whatnot, and they started openly mocking my singing and doing little parody-singing of their own. I sort of paused for a bit and implied they were being douchebags, before deciding I wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of putting me off in my singing or getting a proper rise out of me. Eventually they left and the girls didn't go with them despite their constant hounding.

But I'd like to know a better way of dealing with guys when they behave in a way that's very unambiguously crossing a line, and I feel like openly mocking somebody is pretty clearly crossing a line and crossing my personal boundaries. I mean it would be satisfying to just beat the crap out of the guy but I know that's a completely stupid decision that would probably just get me booted from the place anyway. But surely there has to be an assertive middle-ground between socking a guy and just copping his harassment on the chin? I'm trying to find a good way of dealing with people like this, one that doesn't mean getting violent OR letting them get away with walking all over you.

Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated!

First Chris recognize that you did avoid any violence and its consequences. So you won in that you obtained that important personnel objective.

The problem is that you felt 'bad about it', part of you felt you were being mocked without redress.This is the result of a "reactive mind".In this sense you were letting them control your thinking, which of course was their objective. You must come to a place in your own mind where nobody can control you mentally this way and thus have the negative impact on you that this incident did.

I suspect that this was a volatile situation as you point out these guys wanted to have sex with the girls and yet the girls attention was on you. I say 'volatile' as we are not some different from other species in this 'mating behavior'. In the animal world males fight for the right to mate. Hence your response avoided what could well have turned very ugly and violent.

So once again we see the conflict is within you, a voice says inside "I should have done more to establish I was not to be abused in this fashion'. But what point would have been served in provoking them? Clearly none that would serve you. Your self-image is what is bothering you, But if you solidify that self image and see through the kind of manipulation these guys were trying on you, then it can be transcended and you can be non-reactive in your own mind. You will see them as simply 'losers barking at the Moon'.

It is not a perfect world is it my friend? I think you handled it well really. Try to think of what the 'non reactive mind set' means.It means you don't let them control your mind or make you feel bad about yourself. As a bouncer/cooler I had people verbally challenge me a lot. Once I realized they all said they were going to 'beat my face to Raspberry Jam" etc, I no longer reacted to it the same way I did at first when I began that work. The result was not only far less violence than there would have been otherwise, but my feeling good about my ability to make it happen that way. In a sense I felt like I was controlling myslef which allowed me to control 'them'.


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