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Self Defense/Knife Injuries vs other (nonfatal) injuries


Really complex question but it was inspired by this video.

The commentator treats the whole thing like a joke, calling Kenneth Williams a bitch when he cried from injuries sustained during a fall and the tone of his commentary implies he believe Kenneth was a fucking moron for taking a risky jump and fall rather than toughening up and taking the two guys on.

In addition if you read the Youtube comments, people are calling Kenneth a pussy and fake wannabe because in their opinion if he was a real badass as his reputation in prison states, he would have taken and beat the shit out of the two guys with shiv.

Almost everyone commenting on the video are laughing at the decision at taking the fall. A few youtubers even state its better to take those two guys on because injuries from a stab are "light" and recover "fast" compared to broken bones from a fall.

Its only one video but I seen comments like this all the time in regard to knife wounds. "Oh its better to get stabbed 10 times than to get hit and cracked on the skill by a baseball bat" I remember reading in one comment on a newspaper website about a local incident and don't get me started on how many people would rather face a guy with a knife than a guy shooting them because they believe gun bullets hurt more and are far more brutal while knife wounds are a cakewalk and you can probably easily beat up the guy trying to stab you.

specifically though I wish to ask about the video. Was the fall worth it? I mean ASAP the two thugs approach he quickly tackled through them and was running away so he probably felt endangered. So even if the decision to jump was a reckless one, it seems like Kenneth felt he was in enough danger that broken bones was worth it.

As a veteran of knife attack what do you comment on Kenneth's decision? Was it worth it? Are broken bones a better exchange for being stabbed?

First off, always watch video with the sound off for the first time. That allows you see what is happening instead of being swayed by what the commentator/cameraman is saying is happening. If you hear the commentary, that is going to effect what you see --and think you know.

Second, unless you have a real serious need to listen to uneducated, stupid assholes, do yourself a favor and don't read the comments on incidents like this.

I've been in enough shit in my life that I noticed something about guys going on about what a pussy someone else is. They talk tough, but when they themselves find themselves in a situation they run screaming like little girls. And THAT is why they make so much noise about what a pussy someone else is for not pulling out his Godzilla-sized-dick and beating 20 men to death with it.

They're little dogs going yap, yap, yap. And like real life little dogs they scamper away when someone comes after them because they're making so much noise.

I've heard these mouths all my life. Thing is I've seen them in action too. And what that action is is bullying the weak and running like rabbits from actual danger. Then they talk shit about others as additional proof of what internet badasses they are.

There's a line out of the movie "Jeremiah Johnson" where -- facing a pack of Flathead Indians -- Jeremiah asks his partner
"Why's he yellin'?"
"He's scared of ya."

You hear the contempt, insult and badmouthin' of those saying "He's a pussy." Me, when I hear that kind of talk, I hear the fear. So learn to ignore them like the yappy little dogs they are.

As for the guy's choice, well... he's still alive. Which when there's a prison hit squad coming after you, that ain't no small feat.

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