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Self Defense/Do McDojos exist even in mainland Asia (even with legitimate license)? Is McDojo as old as martial arts and self defense schools are?


Before you even press the "Expert can't answer this question button" because one inappropriate link to an XXX site will be POSTED at least READ the whole thing I will write below. I ASK PLEASE not to respond you can't answer this question because I HAVE LOTS and LOTS of things I want to discuss about this huge topics and have so many more questions I'd rather reply to this single (if you choose to directly reply) potentially pages long discussion I will have (because trust me I will send a lot of question in response of your posts).

You probably already heard all the time the cliche that martial arts were dumbed down in Asia and that if you want to go to a real school go train in  Asia.

Basically there is an assumption  that in mainland Asia the styles were untainted and remain as REAL KILLING styles from the traditional martial arts crowd (including those who realized the Americanized and Westernized schools have removed dangerous stuff for legal and profitable reasons).

I already know you stated that the dumbing down started in Asia with "traditional schools" removing killing techniques in order to make it safe for kids to practise in schools.

I will first state even after learning from you about how much more complex it is than simply "East VS Westernized" flavoour of MAs, I still believed even if the Asian schools sportified the styles, at least THEY take the TRAINING seriously enough to be into reasonable athletic shape for amateur kids to learn it and that while they may not kill, they left enough realistic punching and kicking techniques to seriously injure an untrained inexperienced punk who is bullying you around....... That it wasn't dumbed down enough in Asia that at least you won't be seeing black belt 10 year olds and that BS.

BUT..... I learned recently a Japanese lady named Hitomi Tanaka is a blackbelt.......... I'm going a head and taking the chance of putting a link  that might offend you so I don't have to explain it all. BE SURE to watch the entire link below because IT is an ESSENTIAL part of my question. BE SURE TO WATCH ALL OF IT because you will be just as fucking shocked as I am when you read what I will type below.

(AND YES to clear things up she is a  SMALL GIRL and 100% NATURAL with those monstrous unrealistic huge knockers of hers.)

And I just learned yesterday Ms. Hitomi Tanaka is a BLACK BELT in karate! And not "middle school/high school karate" but in the Gōjū-ryū style specifically, a school that is believed not to have LOST all traditional techniques and customs; we're basically talking about a STYLE that even Okinawans themselves and martial arts historians sincerely believe HAVE NOT BEEN DUMBED DOWN EVER to accommodate Japanese public schools promotions of martial arts that began around the 30s-40s.

YES I know you're probably have your mouth wide open and thinking "WHAT THE FUCK!" and that was the first fucking expression I had when I learned this  porn star has a blackbelt. I was like thinking in my mind:

"Not only is she in porn, but her body is NOT in enough shape to handle even college level athletics fuck I don't think she can even meld in with the high school and middle school levels! Not to mention even if she was in shape her fucking 32 N Cups JUGS are too huge that it would completely fucking ruin her techniques and exercises as within the dojo and not even to add she'd get distracted from flirty horny guys in the schools!"

LITERALLY the first think I told to myself is that SHE MUST FUCKING have bribed her way into blackbelt with SEX! Than the thought occurred- Is she ATTENDING a McDOjo?.

Than came upon the realization to me: "ARE there McDojos in Japan? Comeone there is no way in the standards of mainland Asia she could have gotten a blackbelt...... Unless fraudulent schools exist in the home of these exotic fighting systems?"

Wow I'm getting sleepy. I'll wait for your reply tomorrow and ask some more questions related to this.

But I am curious particularly about the second question in the header because I'm watching some Jackie Chan movies for the first time in years and among one of the things that surprised me was how in a few of his films where he works as an employee for the martial arts school or is the direct son of the head of a martial arts style, often the style he is involved with fights other schools and a fear times they came across lying businessmen and fraudulent teachers and it totally parallels the modern Western dumbing down of martial arts.

I must note these films specifically take place between the 17th century up until the early 1900s, the time period you specifically STATED was the heyday of classical martial arts before the West got introduced to them and schools in China, Japan, and Korea decided to start adding martial arts to middle school and high school curriculum. We're talking about the time where you either had to be rich or agree to a "life long contract" to a specific school  or be part of a gang and some criminal syndicate or public government hand of force (military, police, etc) to even  hope of learning martial arts.

And yet already these periods are portrayed as having schosols that teach BS that could get you killed (as shown in the school vs school duels and later real violence when criminals have a gripe with Jackie Chan's character's associated school).

I'm no martial arts historian but that is what inspired me to ask you this question along with Hitomi Tanaka's BS blackbelt rank. I know Jackie Chan's movies are jsut supposed to be fun time but at least one of them was based loosely on a school vs school wars hence the question.

Yes McDojos exist in other places.

Shit one can argue they started there because the Asians were handing out black belts like candy to military personnel (who are only assigned to overseas station for a year). Then they'd laugh all the way to the bank about those idiot round eyes. On a bigger picture, there's all kinds of bullshit politics going on -- especially in the Japanese organizations where organizations are indeed politically active.  

It can manifest differently in other places. And yes, gangs, organized crime etc., are common and often involved with schools. Hence the connection to porn is believable.

Having said that I've known some porn actresses who were heavy into shooting and/or martial arts so in itself that's no big thing.

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