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Hi Marc,

I'm starting graduate school in a potentially unsafe city/town in North Carolina, and I'm a tad worried about my safety. To that end, I'm thinking about carrying a non-lethal weapon for my protection, ostensibly along the lines of a taser or mace (which could possibly be handy if I run into trouble during a late night or early morning run). Beyond everything expressed in your NNSD website (e.g. self-defense is a four-pronged term, de-escalation and avoidence are your best options, and so forth), is there anything I should know about carrying mace/tasers in self-defense from a legal and practical standpoint? Thanks!


Okay most of what you'll need is on NNSD.

Some basic rules,

Schedule your day to be in sync with work and families. Even bad parts of town aren't that bad 9-5 workdays. Do your shopping when the families are out. When the families start to disappear off the streets, you go too. (Also important for entertainment venues -- leave before the trouble makers take over).

If you're white and you're moving into an area that's not you're going to have to go out of your way to prove that you're not trouble. Generally speaking a white face in certain neighborhoods means trouble for the locals -- this whether you're bringing expensive problems, a cop, a young trouble maker looking to party or a criminal. You gotta go out of your way to show you belong there and you're okay. Make connections with the shop keepers and your neighbors. Things in those areas don't run on "leave me alone and I'll leave you alone." People get by on social connections, learn to make them.

Don't insist on your rights. If someone tells you to leave a place, LEAVE. Don't argue about being told what to do -- get out.

As for non-lethal weapon use, if you follow those three rules, odds are you won't need to use mace etc.

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