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Its not real situation but apparently a "self defense" instructor is showing how a real situation would've looked liked and how he would've defended himself.

The video titled "Self-Defense Instructor vs 2 Street Thugs"

Something about it bugs me like he is going about it the wrong way, for example couldn't he have just turn around (as soon as he saw them charging him) and run away?

What do you think of it? Had it been real was it effective what he was doing or was he teaching in the video bs? Can you give an example of how the situation could of been handled before the fight started? How way it could of been handled during the fight (if it couldn't be avoided)?


I fuckin' hate it when someone makes up a scenario and calls it 'real.'

First: Those kinds of attacks don't come out of nowhere. You've done something to piss someone off. Or you're way out in the wrong place -- like somewhere you shouldn't be. That puts a torpedo into 'real' from the start.

Second, if he'd pissed off the two dudes, you're  right, he wouldn't keep going forward. Turning and running when he saw them -- before they went on an intercept course -- is the smarter, survival trick.

Third, if you're going to shank someone in a two man team, one grabs and holds, the other does the dude. So the attack tactics were fundamentally wrong from the very beginning -- yet they were calling it real.

Fourth, knives are close quarter weapons. Since he wasn't being held or contained, most people RUN LIKE FUCK when a knife comes out. If they try to stay and fight (like that dude did) they get carved like a Christmas turkey.

Fifth, you DON'T 'fight' a knife. If you can't run, you disable the dude with the knife ASA-FUCKIN-P. That is to say you drive the knifer's skull into the concrete as you're crushing his throat -- otherwise you = Christmas turkey.

So in conclusion, it's a sports fighting system being pimped off as street effective.  

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