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Self Defense/How effective would footwork be against many multiple opponents (for example more than 7 trying to jump year)?


Years ago someone posted this video.

ASAP it was posted up online, people at various forums such as Bullshido and Sherdog were using this as proof that not only would a pro fighter (or even just a properly trained amateur) could easily KO a streetrat but they can even fight on multiple opponents.

In particular many pro-boxers online used this video as proof boxing is the best fighting style and is superior to martial arts and Krav Maga and other styles.

However there is ONE THING everyone in the MA/RBSD/MMA/Boxing/Fighting Sports WORLD AGREE that this video exhibits no matter what styles you use: if you have slippery quick footwork and provided you're in an open flat area where you're unlikely to slip, it'll be a guarantee you'll take on as many opponents as you like be it 3, 5, 10, 20, or even 30! (and even more than that!)!

I remember when this video was posted years ago, the first thing many open minded MMA fanboys (often those who major in boxing or are looking for new techniques to add to their arsenal) agreed was that the reason the boxer in the video could fight off so many guys was because he honed his footwork so he can literally dancer around them as they charged at him while simultaneously throwing blows.

Now obviously this footwork strategy won't work in an enclosed alley. Nor will it be necessarily effective over rocky rough uneven terrain. Its basically suicide on slippery ice surfaces or snowy weather.

However I am curious in a WIM scenario, how would it do in a flat  dry smooth even flooring such as say a ring or a dojo?

Because one of the things the RBSD world and even military systems teach is trying to take on multiple opponents and they often teach "keep a quick evasive footwork and move around your opponents so they won't pin you with their numbers while you strike them during movement around the area". I'm not kidding they advocate doing everything in the video link above and I seen RBSD class spend whole hours developing boxing footwork.

In fact when that video about Turkish Boxer VS 10 boxer was first posted online years ago, the RBSD crowd was the first one to use it as proof that it is POSSIBLE to take on multiple opponents and of evidence of all their footwork training classes is EFFECTIVE for the streets. NOT LYING. Even before the boxing and MMA fanboys began to post their "my style is better than yours!" and "footwork is needed!" comments.

In fact I think the first guy who posted it in Youtube back in 2007/08 was even an RBSD instructor trying to show people why his secret footwork is the key to avoiding being jumped and to fight off whatever number of opponents.

What does your experience on the street shows? Also is the Turkish Boxer against 10 guys vid legit or does it reek of BS pre planned fight choreography (taped in studio settings but posted online under as "real fighting)? I ask because the original guy who posted it claims that its a real incident that happened in Turkey and the guy being attacked is a part time boxer who primarily works as a bank security. Basically the supposed story is that some robbers wanted to steal some valuable items from the bank truck and he fought them off to allow the truck to escape.

I'm going to have to keep this short because my router at home croaked and I'm at a coffee shop.

What's more important for life? Food, water, air shelter?

The correct answer is all of them. If you don't have enough of any you're screwed.

The problem with these internet commandos is their tendency to say "Air is the most important!" Someone else says "No! Water is the most important!"  Then, claiming that they has the ultimate secret (that they'll sell you) to survival they really, really push that.

It doesn't matter which one you pick. Go ahead, try to survive without the other three.

Here's a hint, the best defense against multiple opponents is to NOT FUCKIN' BE IN THE SITUATION IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

If you find yourself in a situation where a whole lot of people want to kick your ass, you've stepped on your dick somehow.  Arguing about what is the most important thing that will save is kind of a moot point -- because you've already demonstrated you're not the sharpest crayon in the box.

Is footwork an important element? Oh hell yes. But because it's an important part of running like hell. Trying to stay there and 'fight' is another example of doing the dumb.

As in, don't do the dumb

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