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QUESTION: Have you ever used darts as weapons or witnessed people using them? How effective are they? Is practising on the dart board enough to hone skills? Can they be used as improvised knives?

ANSWER: You do know darts started out AS battlefield weapons right?

They'd kill you if they hit.

Modern darts are to these beasts like fencing foils are to swords.

The answer to how effective they are is "It depends."

Yes. They hurt like hell. Will the pain be enough? If someone doesn't have commitment to getting you, then there's a good chance the guy will run like hell. If he does, they won't stop him. Hell, he might pull it out and throw it right back at you. So there's three options about functionality:
a) it works
b) it doesn't
c) Oops

Now there's a bigger problem. Putting a dart into someone is considered 'aggravated assault' AG or whatever it's called in your state is a felony(higher level of penalty if convicted). So if you're going to put a dart into someone it's in an alley and in a way that doesn't leave fingerprints on the dart. You don't want to be caught on security camera doing it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: You mean knives are seen on he same scale? Didn't know about that. I always thought they were joke weapons because of how much partygoers and bar drinkers tended to go for the dart board and throw it at someone they're pissed at (not lying about this). To date I seen it too commonly that people laugh whenever darts are thrown and someone gets some into his body.

Do they have the necessary construction to incapacitate or even kill someone should you hit a vital point (neck, eyes, etc)? Or are the modern dartboard game darts too flimsy for that?

How do they compare as improvised weapons compared to shivers and other "not true knives" weapons when it comes to thrusting?

They're pain inducers. Pain is an unreliable means to get someone to back off. Some people get hurt and fall apart, others get furious and attack.

It depends on the state as to what you'll be charged with. While all states have different  'levels' of attacks they call them different things. They'd go after as high as they can. Although doubtful they'd go for attempted murder, if the law allowed for it -- and the prosecutor is a political animal -- it's not off the table.

As for the lethality, it would require a complex string of things to make it happen. So not real likely. However take out an eye and maiming charges are reasonable.

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