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Self Defense/Is the difference between arguing and debating the same as the difference between a fight and self-defense?


OK I'll make it brief. Is argument and debate as different as fighting and self-defense? If arguing is supposed to be aggressive (and violent) while debating is supposed to be polite, restrained, and seeking knowledge rather than forcing your views on others, how come people who are debating get physically attacked (even if they support the EXACT SAME opinions as those whoa assaulted them)?

In debate, argument means presenting and supporting your position.

In common usage argument means verbal conflict.

You can debate a topic using argument.

You argue by yelling, howling and (often )insulting. Often an argument isn't about one's views, it's more about behaviors, how you want to be treated (what you won't tolerate), or someone's right to do whatever they want.

A debate can become an argument if either of the people start taking it personally. This is not uncommon as much of what people disagree over are not facts, but beliefs. Beliefs that are closely tied in with our sense of self worth. Beliefs that -- while self-evident to us and how we think -- we really don't have much factual data to back up. So when we run out of solid data it's easy to start feeling insulted and threatened.

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Satisfies and allowing to be true are VERY important ideas.  

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