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Self Defense/Have other people personally been impacted by your writings beyond violence, social skills, and even self-esteem?


I don't need even need to put a summary of how your writings have impacted people's lives so much they changed as people and were able to survive hellish stuff because of them. From your techniques that allowed police to handle dangerous criminals to your stuff on de-escalation and social skills that teach people to adjust better and your stuff on what real manliness is that helps young guys realize they don't have to fight or put themselves in dangerous situations to be TOUGH, my god......

I am curious though have anyone personally told you your writings impacted them beyond the classic techniques, social skills, and "Am I a man?" question. Because before I read your writings I always had problems losing weight. However your explanation of the human brain-specifically the lizard brain-helped me understand why binge eating was such a huge problem. It also helped me understand not to get angry as HELL towards myself (along with your explanation on the other parts of the brain) when my body starts feeling immense pain and I can't stop moving anymore. Well I'll be repeating stuff other people said related to manliness and macho stuff but your introduction to the parts of the brain (which I never heard of before I found your writings) inspired me to do research. Which in turn helped me understand my habits and thus form a regiment that helped me lose weight and in addition develop pain tolerance while exercising.

Thats just the start and you got me interested in Sci Fi (which in turn impacted my life personally too).THANK YOU SO MUCH Marc MacYoung. But I am curious has anyone else been told you they been impacted by your stuff not only those specifically relate  to self defense (techniques, social skill,s self-esteem, knowledge of law)? In addition to me, I remember one Facebook group related to self defense one of its members credited you as inspiring him to get into philosophy. Hell one martial arts message board even stated you're followers are cultists lol.

BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH. Even without your writings on effective self defense, just the basic explanation of how the brain works affected me so much (and not just losing weight but on top of that so many other areas in my life as I now understand why I'm cranky, etc).


Thing is it's in all kinds of different ways. First time someone came up to me and said "Thank you, you saved my life" that was a bigger.

But at the same time sometimes I say things that are really deep and profound, and... crickets. Other times I say thing that are to me as obvious as the sunrise and WOWTHAT'SLIFECHANGING!!!

Really? Nobody ever told you that?

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