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One thing I note that is universal in every combat system is the twirling of weapons. From Eruopean La Canne de Combat to Kung Fu staff defense to even isolated South American tribes (who still live in huts and hunt animals with spear sand arrows to put food on the table) is the technique of twirling in their local techniques. Even you shown some twirls in your knife fighting vid. I am curious whats the point of such a fancy trick?

There is a time and a place for changing your grip. The question is when -- and where -- you do it. Also add on why?

A lot of people twirl just for flash. Others twirl to create confusion (where's the attack going to come from?)  Problem with these two approaches is often -- for speed -- the grip is loosened on the weapon and it's vulnerable to being dropped, knocked out of your hand or way the hell out in Pomona when you need it in front of you to handle an incoming attack.

So the answer is while there IS a small number of circumstances where it is a legitimate move towards a specific end, most of the way people use it is flash, wowie kazowie nonsense.

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