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Self Defense/Are sociopaths lazy even with something as simple as physical conditioning?


This quote of yours made me curious.

"Fortunately -- as I said elsewhere -- they tend to be lazy about acquiring skills especially about violence. Instead relying more on
1) their willingness to act
2) speed of action, and
3) other people's hesitation to use violence

Archie on the other hand had a rare attribute among anti-social types, the self-discipline to develop skills. Mad skills. Like the ability to use a smaller faster sword against a heavier one. (Your angles and deflections have to be perfect) It was his game. Also he liked to play with the people he was going to kill. He could do so because of his mad-skills."

Are sociopaths so lazy and lacking in self-control that they can't even do something as basic among successful criminals,streetrats, and violence professionals as merely pumping up in the weightroom? Or even easy exercises sucha s walking 2 miles a day to lose weight?

The reason I ask is because you said prison is full of sociopathic people but the norm among the antipersonality disorder types is that everyone is huge and muscular and spend their freetime doing thousands of pushups and benchpressing with barbells,etc.

However I also note that many people diagnosed with sociopathy outside of prison (or show sociopathic tendencies) tend to be so fucking out-of-shape. To the point even studies have shown that people who scored high on the sociopathic online tests and quizes tend to be OBESE at a higher percentage than the general populace!

Like you said they rely on speed and other people's reluctance to use violence to get what they want. They proven so lazy that they don't even bother PREPARING their bodies to handle 100 pushups despite trying to  the SUPERBOWL of VIOLENCE and frequently get killed or incarcerated. And indeed they do act cowardly like you said when their victim happens to be huge and muscular (but they lack so much self-control and were relying too much on blind quickness to realize the man they just tried to mug is a BEAST).

However I am confused. Those sociopaths out in the free world-when they finally get incarcerated they often quickly get killed or turned into a sex slave by the much stronger and braver veteran inmates. Indeed that should answer my question. Yet as I mentioned a few paragraphs ago, many of the long-time vets are sociopath themselves-yet they have the discipline to train and most of them have never been turn into a punk who gives blowjob daily! Hell some even are like Archibad in that they develop wicked skills with knives and such (but thats a different question).

Still back to the main point-are sociopaths in general so screwed up that even getting them to use a stationary bike daily (without beating the crap out of them) something they lack self control? That they even have the cockiness to take on "violent" lifestyles like being part of Costra Nostra despite the fact so many of them are obese and lack the physical hardened bodies to survive such subcultures?

>The reason I ask is because you said prison is full of sociopathic people but the norm among >the antipersonality disorder types is that everyone is huge and muscular and spend their >freetime doing thousands of pushups and benchpressing with barbells,etc.

First off, you're misinterpreting what I said to come up with this version of what you think I said.

In a caged environment, some do indeed turn to the weights as a way to pass the time. Most don't -- even in prison.

Also you're  making the same mistake that criminologists make. That is thinking that the behavior of a caged lion is the same as a lion in the wild. (The second biggest one is that they think they're smart enough to catch when the criminal, much less the sociopath is lying to them. Dear old Stanton Samenow rocked the psychology world when he reported "Uhhh guys...sociopaths study us to learn how to play us and fool other people.")

Physical prowess plays an important part IF you're strategy is to physically overwhelm someone without weapons. But a small skinny guy with a gun can control the behavior of a bigger muscular guy -- or he can just kill him.

You're basically asking a way too specific question thinking that the answer will give you an insight.  It doesn't work that way. They do what they do, but the tactics are very individualistic, not blanket to everyone.

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