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QUESTION: After reading your bio how many actual physical confrontations/entries have you made into a high stress environment where you have utilized your techniques?

I am not talking about theoretical training I'm talking about door coming in and the life and death decision being made.

ANSWER: Hector-

Thank you for reaching out. You can read about my background on my website at or about my academy at

However, just to give you a slight idea, I ran security for 8 years and 3 years consulting. That experience by itself has afforded me countless encounters to include gang fights, knife attacks, firearm involved incidents, drunks trying to run my guys (and myself) down with a vehicle, attacks including bottles, pool cue's etc. Furthermore, I spend my days working with a variety of contracted security companies, Law Enforcement agencies etc that have allowed me to be in the field with them in high stress/high crime areas.

Although these experiences are invaluable in my opinion, that is not what makes someone qualified or not. When someone spends 30 years of their lives obsessing over, and training for violent encounters and gets educated...that speaks volumes for them in itself. That combined with real world experience makes someone even better.

It is this experience and education that I bring to my students, daily. That includes my civilian students, my security teams, my executive protection detail members, my law enforcement officers.

I also train my firearms very regularly to keep my proficiency in moving/shooting, team tactics, multiple target engagement, secondary positional shooting, low light shooting, malfunction mitigation etc.....but I have never shot anyone. All that means is that there hasn't been a need to do so, not that I am unable to do so. Does that make sennse?

So Hector, the more important question here is, what is YOUR experience and what can YOU do to make yourself better?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Well my background is USMC, 18 years in Law enforcement to include 4.5 years undercover narcotics, 9 years fugitive apprehension, 7 of those full time with the great lakes fugitive task force taking into custody violent fugitives to include murderers, rapists, armed robbers.  Currently I am in charge of training for my department and on the SWAT team as an assistant team leader.  I have done many live entries guns up running hot.  I spend about 5 months a year shooting and instructing in long distance and CQB style shooting.  I better my self daily and before I decide to send my guys to an instructor I vet him throughly thats all no disrespect intended just trying to make decisions.


No disrespect taken. If you email me direct at I will be happy to provide references or otherwise as you need. That includes letters of recommendation from a wide variety of LEO agencies, SWAT teams, Fugitive Recovery teams, Fed Air Marshals, other ILEETA members etc.

I can also set up a time to come work with your agency.

You are also welcome to set up a time to meet and discuss. Nothing beats face to face time.


p.s. I appreciate your time on the blue line and in the service. Thank you.  

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Although I can offer expertise in several areas of "self defense," the following are some frequent questions I often answer. These are just a few examples, and my experience takes me much further than these questions. 1) What exactly is Jeet Kune Do and how does it apply to today's self defense? 2) What is women's role in martial arts/self defense and why should they learn? 3) What kind of things can I do to AVOID combative situations? 4) Is there a particular art or style that I should know? 5) What kind of weapons are involved in self defense tactics? 6) What precautionary measures can I take at home to prevent intrusion? 7) How do I know what techniques I should be using? 8) How will learning self defense change my life beyond just physical gain? 9) How has Jeet Kune Do evolved and why? 10) I've never been in a fight, so why should I train now?


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