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Self Defense/Thinking one's so tough that they think they can push someone they never beat up before all the time (and even worsen the scale of bullying)..... Is this a sign of complete amateurs?


There is one thing I always witness but never understood the dynamics of.

Some guy-particular jock-types-consistently bullies a person. It includes physical assault that in a few times even gets the victim a bloodied nose.

So they become incredibly cocky and think they can continue bully around and beat up victims they hurt before in a single incident. FUCK I even seen some of them go as far a bully the victim in front of his muscular ADA or OLDER BROTHER and even in front of law enforcement (and FACEPALMS it doesn't end well).

However I notice this tendency not just among bullies but even genuinely nice athletes (as in they don't do crimes and they don't go out picking on smaller weaker weirdos). They seem to hold the notion that because they beat someone up in the octagon that said loser is a weakling and they will always lose in the next fight.

Is this mentality a sign of an amateur? How do the hardhitters view their bullied victims and losers they successfully assaulted before? In particular those they actually victimized or beat up not just once or twice but multiple times?

Bullying is one type of social violence for a specific set of goals. Overt heavy handed bullying is usually the sign of the young, inexperienced and those of limited resources.

Thing is, bullying is also one of those terms that people think they know the meaning of. Just because someone is being aggressive, emotionally dominating or threatening doesn't mean what they're doing is bullying.

Bullying is a systematic behavior. It is also VERY specifically targeted. The most revealing thing about bullying is who that person DOESN'T try it on. If you want to understand bullying, don't watch who they do it to, watch who they don't and try to figure out the 'whys.' (There are more than one.)

Being over-confident in one's ability to handle a very specific type of violence is also common. It's usually based on limited experience. Someone may have won two 'fights' and extrapolated from that how big and bad they are. Also how they can handle anything. This often makes them arrogant and pushy, but that's not necessarily a bully.

Also the thing to realize about bullies, is it really isn't about their victims so much. It's more about what's going inside their own heads. Take this song, make it insecure, petty and obsessive

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