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Self Defense/What is it about Virgins wanting to fanatically DEFEND popular media's portrayal of weapons


Years ago there was an argument about the katana at my school. So many people were wanking about how the katana is so "OMG da bestest sword ever!".

Being a practitioner of Kendo and dabbling into swordsmanship at the time,I pointed out about the flaws of the katana (specifically how merely having the sword doesn't mean you'll be able to quickly chop down trees).

I didn't intend to ARGUE. Or even debate. I was just pointing out some flawed perceptions they had on the katana.

I was quickly attacked like I committed treason. Some people were   even doing physical threatening gestures at me.

The most insulting part was everyone who suddenly started ganging up on me NEVER seen a real live katana (not even the fake manufactured ones made in China) in their lives nevermind wielding one and beheading a real person with it. They are all basing their perceptions of the katana on anime/manga and fantasy movies.

Which really left a sour memory because in addition to being a Kendo practitioner, the katana was the PERSONAL FAVORITE sword of mine (even knowing of other Japanese swords and having toyed with European ones such as Claymore).

But I brought this angry memory of mine because I notice  I notice in the "fighting world" which is the   Mujahideenesque tendency to defend perceptions based on TV and movies of how weapons work by Virgins who never seen a real life gun or cut meat with a knife in their whole lives.

The katana memory was bad enough but I cannot tell you how many internet forums I been to where people wage Jihad on someone pointing out the pros and cons of knives as a weapon. I even seen people irl at the NRA convention physically assault another gun enthusiast who's simply pointing out you CANNOT use a gun on a burglar unless he intends to maim or kill you.

But I am quite curious what exactly is it about weapons that are such a sacred cow? Especially by Virgins who never even stepped into a Mcdojo or even never used a butcher knife to cut a large frozen pig apart?

I mean actually witnessing an internet discussion where some users hold grudge and are even stalking a butcher participating in the thread simply because he stated from experience of cutting frozen whole cow corpses,  cutting through boned areas isn't easy.  Some posters even doxxed the butcher.

I know there's a lot of BS and sacred cows in the MA and RBSD worlds in general, but I am wondering why weapons seem to attract a whole other level of Talibanesque devotion?  I mean seeing at NRA conventions blatant physical assault over pointing out self defense laws?

Even style vs style wars don't get so ridiculous. To see arguments about something as trivia as "AK47s have better durability than M16s" and see a fight break out between people who never been on the firing range just makes me want to tear my eyes apart.

You're actually talking about something bigger. Start with this...

The e-book Conflict Communications covers a whole lot of the dynamics involved

Rory and I came up with ConCom and I'm taking it in a slightly different direction.

Here's some stuff that will make more sense after you've read those other two.

First is acknowledging that Washington Irving is to blame for most Americans thinking that our ignorant ancestors thought the world was flat, I'm going to use that idea to explain a very important idea. That's the difference between belief and knowledge.

Let's say that you're a medieval peasant in Southern Germany,or France, or Poland. Whereever, what matters is you don't live near the ocean. You're not a sailor or ships navigator. One day you start wondering "World. Round or flat?"  So you go to the smartest guy you know -- the local priest and say "Padre, round or flat?"  Now the truth is the priest doesn't know either and like you whether it's round or flat has ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING WHATSOEVER on either of your lives. But, since he's got to keep his status of 'smart guy,' he replies "Flat." Okay cool, you go back to you peasanty routine.

You can believe the world is flat because that particular brand of bad information has no consequences.  The fact that it's not just wrong, but simplistic has no value to your survival. What it does have value to is how you can hook your thumbs behind your suspenders and impress other peasants with how much you know about stuff they don't. (Keep this in mind, we'll come back to it.)

But you know what you do know a lot about? Pig poop. See as someone whose survival (as in starving to death this next winter) is dependent on having a healthy pig, what that pig eats is really important to you. If the pig isn't acting right, you look at the poop. If it's ____(this color), he ate ____(insert poisonous plant). Okay, give him a few days, he'll be back up. If it's ______(this color) it's a dead pig walking and DON'T eat it's flesh. If it's normal and ____(this color) the issue something else than what it ate.

What I'm trying to say here is something that you actually know and has relevance to your life, you KNOW is more complicated than simplistic soundbites. You can reel off these facts, details, knowledge and complexities without even thinking about it. What's more. Is we don't get excited by facts. Face it, pig poop isn't exciting. Neither are the things you need to know for your job.

On the other hand, beliefs we have an emotional investment in. But more than that, although they may not have direct effect in our lives, they help us order the universe. They do affect our lives -- including how much we can impress others with what we supposedly 'know' (even if it's wrong).

Here's a thing, accepting certain beliefs is the admission to certain groups. You HAVE to believe these things if you're a _____(Fill in the blank). Often people try to group monkey dance themselves into higher and higher status by attacking people who don't believe that the world is flat. But that has nothing to do with the accuracy of the information and everything to do with the status in the group

Like I sai

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