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Self Defense/If a woman wants to chase ou no matter how many times you say no, will they do it?


Since the woman "controls" the bonding process, does that mean if she finds you hot she'll always run after you no matter what? No matter how many times you say NO? No matter even if you use physical force to deter her? No matter even if the courts and police get involved?

I ask because I need advice and I'm facing a bit of a stalking problem. The HARD thing about trying to do something is that pretty much all writings on stalking subject is exclusively about female victims. Nothing existing at all about what to do if you're a guy. Hell I even had difficulty getting the courts involved because the cops thought it was a hilarious joke and I had to go higher up the law chain and courts to even get a restraining order.

Its already going as far as even the girl violating it and getting arrested. Several times. But each time she's been released she's been STALKING me still! The only reason I'm in safety right now is because the judge recently passed out a much harsher penalty (several months in jail) because of repeated offense. But I fear that once the sentence is up, she will go at it again.  So I seek your advice.

You mention its the woman who controls the bonding process and if she thinks you're hot she's going to get you no matter what. Even if she gets outcasted from society and disowned by her family. Hell even if she is going into a bar full of criminals who are listed in the sex offender database, she's still going to go in to get to the guy she likes. You also mention this is the PRIMARY REASON for rapes (especially date rapes). So basically by your descriptions of the Bonding Process, am I pretty much FUCKED UP in this situation? That I'll have to get a pistol and shoot this girl if I want it to stop? Sorry for bringing an extreme level of force but she's already been to jail more than 5 times and still keeps going at me (prior to her recent and much longer incarceration). Hell I even had to use physical force out of fear and I saw on her face a horny look as I was yelling at her to stop. She was literally touching my penis while she was pinned and she was telling me to "FUCK HER". IGNORING I was so fucking pissed I wanted to snap her neck and I was yelling at her to knock it off!

So I'm really scared. It seems like either I'll have to kill her or just live with it, hell going by your writings on bonding process, I'm thinking I might as well just start abiding by her wanting me to be her BF and even DRAG her into bed and FUCK her next time since she WANTS it so bad.

I sound like I'm going to rape someone but the situation is driving me so paranoid I don't know what to do anymore and I'm hoping at least giving her what she wants will tone it down.

First off, you're kind of asking about a pimple on a cancer patient. It's a much, much bigger issue.

Brew yourself a pot of coffee, and go here.

That will give you a lot of information that will help you fully understand the problem

Second, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

One of the MOST common tactics of a crazy bitch you rejected is to run to the cops to claim you raped her.

The stalking page will help you cover your ass on this problem.

Stop thinking "What am I going to do?" And start learning about what you need to cover your ass in this situation.

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