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Hi Marc,

You recently wrote a post on your facebook regarding avoiding haymakers.  I loved the part about experienced fighters only launching an attack once they are within range vs amateurs beginning their attack before/as they move into range. That was a big light bulb moment for me. There's one specific part I wanted to ask about. You talked about kicking and punching range and how you have to keep your opponent outside of his effective range. The thing is, how exactly do you do that?  I mean, let's say he has a longer reach than you do, so you can't hit him before he enters his attack range.  Once he steps into his attack range, you can only back up so much before your back hits a wall (or the ropes or cage if in a sports fight context). Sidestepping will put you out of his crosshairs but a small turn on his part and you are still the same distance inside his attack range.  Other than that, how would you stop him entering range?  If you attack him, then you are entering further into his attack range (even before you can effectively put him in your attack range if he has a longer reach than you). Thanks in advance.

You know it's amazing how an attitude of "I will gouge out your eye and skull fuck you to death" that flares up everytime someone steps into attack range convinces folks to step out of attack range again.

It's kind of like a little warning sign that lights up. Outside attack range, off/safe. Inside attack range, on/"you're about to get ocularly fornicated."

Realize you can't control whether or not he attacks. But you can be ready for it. And when he starts edging into attack range if you get ready to do show and tell with his vital organs it strongly influences his decision about staying there.

And hey, you know what? As long as he stays out of attack range, he can say all sorts of things about my momma. I don't care because he ain't a danger. That's a big part of successfully handling a situation.  Let him rant -- on the condition that he stay out of attack range. He steps into attack range and things change.

You'll find that this mental shifting gears convinces people to back off. And if they don't well, someone's going to get skull fucked.

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