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QUESTION: Does Edward Longshanks from Bravehart scare you? Is he a classic example of a sociopath with self discipline as Archibad?

ANSWER: The way that Longshanks was presented in BraveHeart is not a sociopath. He's a ruthless fucker who will crush anyone who gets in the way of his kingly ambitions, but he's not a sociopath

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QUESTION: So being ruthless to achieve your goals isn't sociopathy?

I asked this because Longshanks is often in the list of "most sociopathic" villains among movie buffs and he is considered the shining example of a "charismatic sociopath" who can inspire large groups to follow him despite being so heartless.

However you said that sociopaths are so dysfunctional despite their ruthlessness and skill at manipulating people that they never last long in leadership positions.  Which is why I thought he was a great example of "sociopath with self-discipline" like Archibald was. Because he showed the classic lack of remorse associated with the group.

But now I'm quite confused. I understand Edward showed a hell of restraint in controlling violent urges. But so did Archibald throughout much of Rob Roy especially with his superiors (enough at least to put a facade that he's socially adjusted among the English court).

Is there more than just lack of empathy, inability to think ahead, and social awkwardness?

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Then look at all the other titles.

You're not understanding what a sociopath is OR how one tribes monster can be another tribe's hero.

Humans are inherently tribal. The idea of humanism, equality and that 'racism is wrong' are really new ideas. For hundreds of thousands of years humanity thrived, grew and stayed strong by having an us vs. them attitude. Strong tribes thrived, weaker tribes fell. Strong vs. strong balanced each other out.

Thing is those folks from other 'tribes' weren't 'human' in the eyes of you and your tribe. So it's okay to do bad things to them.  Is it sociopathic? No. It's tribalistic. As I said, the monster from another tribe that brings destruction onto your tribe is a hero in his own tribe.

Longshanks is a monster in Scottish history, but English history tells a different story -- including stopping Scottish raiders and borderskirmishes  

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