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Self Defense/Can "contact" with a hostile person really cause a kind nonviolent person to be aggressive for the rest of the day (and beyond)?


In your Street E and E you stated "emotions" being felt through electromagnetic energy. So it inspired me this question.

Can normal nonviolent and even genuinely nice people suddenly become aggressive because of "electromagnetic energy" from being into contact with sociopaths and the like? As in a pacifist become aggressive for the whole day after meeting Charles Manson? Or even for a whole week?

While I've moved beyond the electromagnetic idea, I still tell people that 'emotions are contagious'

Is there evidence that electromagnetic fields -- whether human or otherwise -- affect us? Yep. But it appears that it is one of many factors, not just the only factor.

But even that doesn't mean you are helpless.
"Between stimulus and response there is a gap. It's a moment of choice about our actions and reactions. Most people blow past this, react out of habit and then claim they were helpless against themselves. Mind the gap.

So yes, other people can 'trigger' you, but it's your decision to react.  

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