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Even though I just started on it, I already know having skimmed through the book you don't offer specific techniques in your Knives and hassles book. So I am curious what are some good sources to start learning techniques? Preferably free videos and websites to learn  (but I'd also like some book recommendations because I'll buy them once I save up cash).


Let me start out by saying most 'knife fighting' instruction is ripping people off. Since you're not paying for it you have only half of the problem. That is the information is bullshit. Bullshit designed to get your money. But since you don't have any it will just put you into the prison showers.

See two of the many reason it's bullshit are
1) Using a knife on someone is easy. Keeping a knife from being used on you is hard.
2) When you are legally justified to use a knife you have a small problem... someone is actively trying to kill you.

Reason one - knives cut flesh. It doesn't matter if it's a well trained FMA strike, a drunken slash or just someone flailing around, knives cut flesh. So trained or not a knife will cut a person if it connects. I could -- I'm not going to, but the information is simple enough -- show you 'how to kill' with a knife in under three minutes. That's how much time it takes to learn how to use a knife 'offensively.' Which is why years and years of ongoing FMA training on knife fighting is a scam.

The other side of that same issue is when someone is trying to cut you, if that guy is coming in to take you you out, you HAVE to end his ability to attack you inside two seconds. By that I mean him dead, dying, unconscious or broken on the floor.  If you do ANY other strategy -- especially trying to 'fight him' -- you're going to end up looking like you tried to fuck a weedwhacker. But that is what people are teaching you how to do when they teach 'knife fighting.'

Reason two -- getting raped in the prison showers. Oh wait, I'm sorry I should have said dead or getting raped. See little over looked problem about knives. They are considered a lethal force weapon -- that means the standards of use are the same as a gun. Putting that in plain English, the only time you are legally justified in using a knife is when they are trying to kill you. This is a little more complicated than people in either the shooting or the knife world make out. As in if you don't do something other than just shoot or stab, you're going to die or end up in the hospital next to your attacker.

If you use a knife on someone OTHER than at that time, you have committed manslaughter, murder, attempted murder or the worst thing the District Attorney can hang you on. Oh BTW, even if it was actually self-defense, the DA is going to crawl up your ass with a microscope to find the SLIGHTEST excuse to hang you.

Using a knife is easy. Knowing when to use it is hard. I suggest you spend more time looking into that -- because just fixating on the use is the fastest way I know to end up taking showers with heavily tattooed men  

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