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Self Defense/Is there a luck element to violence?


What I mean by my question is that no matter what precautions you take to avoid violence (move to a safe middle class town, develop strong alliances with the local tough guys, learn when to avoid the store at certain hours, etc), is there a factor of just being unlucky to be targeted? For example out of nowhere some random teen punks just throw explosives at your home even though you have no enemies and you simply stay home all day playing computer games?

Yep. And that's pretty much what life is about.

Your actions can reduce, if not minimize risks. Increase your skills to reduce the number of people who are better than you, but there is ALWAYS going to be things you can't control.

You can call it luck of the draw or 'shit happens.'

Still, that doesn't mean you shouldn't focus on those things you can control  

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