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Self Defense/mature Mind to listen and preventing violence (especially the bullying kind)


Yeas ago when I took psychology class, my professor was saying one of the hard things people lack is the ability to listen to others and learn why they're being mistreated. To use an example, he said a mature mind would ask why people are laughing and than discover that he's wore his shirt upside down. Thus next time learning to look in the mirror before leaving to school so e won't dress sloppy again.

You always state social skills are pretty much the primary thing one should focus to avoid violence and bullying in general. So I am curious abut this method of social skills and its effectiveness in minimizing/preventing violence (especially bullying variety)? I seen so many psychology book also encourage the same thing my professor said in order to avoid unnecessary conflict in life.

I don't use the term 'mature mind' so I don't know what other connotations are attached to it. But another way you can look at what you're talking about is someone who is willing to invest the time and effort to achieve something the person wants (in this case not to be ridiculed). So is that not lazy or is it not stubborn? Either idea works to describe someone who choose to meet a standard and reach a goal.

You didn't really ask a question. You stated several elements and stuck a question mark one one statement (I am curious about....) That's way too big of a subject to answer with any accuracy. However, you do mention bullies

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