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Self Defense/Are there men who actually rape women out of lust for sexual pleasure because they find them attractive?


I found an article here.

While the OP did repeat the cliche "rape is about power" and to add on that the old war adage that armies commit rape because they want to break the will of the enemy, he also completely contradict the rape narrative by listing multiple examples of armies cherrypicking very attractive women for sex slavery (such as the Korean and Chinese victims for the Japanese and the Yazidi girls for Isis).

Now I am wondering, inspired by the thread. Are there men who don't rape for power and to dehumanize/punish? But because they find the victim a very hot chick?  You already bash the narrative before by stating that plenty of rapes are about punishment for misbehaving. So I am curious if there is a type of rape based on good looks and solely motivated by pleasure?

Learn this term  "Monolithic Causality"

That is when someone has bought into the idea that EVERYTHING can be understood, describe or attributed to some simplistic, but grand overview about human motivation.

Racism, Sexism, Privilege ... any of these soundbite summations about the whole of human motivation is... in a word ... bullshit. That's because things are way, WAY more complicated than that.

Human motivation is incredibly complex and multilayered. The 'power and control' soundbite is something that someone can throw out claiming that it's the 'root cause' but it's meaningless. Worse, it's what's known as 'not even wrong.'

The phrase "not even wrong" describes any argument that purports to be scientific but fails at some fundamental level, usually in that it contains a terminal logical fallacy or it cannot be falsified by experiment (i.e. tested with the possibility of being rejected), or cannot be used to make predictions about the natural world.

But oh man, doesn't that person sound so knowledgeable and sure of him/her self using it?  You can almost believe they know what they're talking about. When in fact, they HAVEN'T looked at the process to understand it. Instead they're only looking at it to judge it or sound like they know something you don't. THEY have superior knowledge of the subject and as such are better than you.

Thing is, it's NOT scientific. In fact, it's not even proven.

A whole lot of so-called 'truths' about the subject of rape are, in fact, political and economic propaganda.  They're a way for getting the government to give them funding.

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