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  • Why within the martial arts community and RBSD crowd there is so much contempt towards graceful styles resembling dancing and/or acrobatics? As well as scoff towards techniques from non-fighting pursuits?

Self Defense/Why within the martial arts community and RBSD crowd there is so much contempt towards graceful styles resembling dancing and/or acrobatics? As well as scoff towards techniques from non-fighting pursuits?


Inspired by two questions you answered on this site.

I'm gonna put a personal example. With the recent craze into non-Asian martial arts, in particular European styles, some of them are being bashed for looking like dancing and in fact revolving around dancing moves. For example I have a relative who practises Savate and he received disdain from many long time martial arts for practising a sissy "French style" that is so ballet like. In fact so many of them especially the MMA meatheads even betted money they can kick his ass until they went to the boxing gym and most of them except the MT guys fell quite kickly in the first round and lost their bets. Even the MT guys, some who won, had difficulty taking him on toe-to-toe. However despite some impressive victories Savate is still seen with contempt in the martial arts community especially the MMA and TMA crowds because it looks like ballet and is from France.

I seen the same criticism bashed upon Capoeira too and even "traditional" Asian styles such as Tai Chi for being too flowery looking.

Hell I'd go as far as saying if a style isn't "hardhitting" and "direct enough" such as Muay Thai and BJJ, it receives disdain from the martial arts world and frequently even loses in the commercial business wars because they don't convey destructive brutality enough.

However this contempt is also extending towards anytime someone borrows technique from non-fighting sports and hobbies, not even necessarily dancing, but even rough sports such as football. You already seen typical examples I saw in regards to soccer in the second link, but I seen martial artists mock the American Football "tackle" being used in streetfights as a brute technique easy to counter. Well in fact its easily one of the most common moves that wins fights if you watch Youtube vids and live footage caught on camera at crime scenes. I will attest I actually used the football tackle more in both ending a fight and escaping one, than even punches and it works fantastic especially in tihgt corridors or nearby walls. I seen "RBSD" folks criticize the way basbeall players swing their bats as too "sporty", criticism towards people  for swinging sticklike objects in fights similar to golf and hockey movements "not using blunt weapons properly"... Despite the fact that they KO'ed their opponent as in teeth were knocked out type of KO.

These are just some of the stupidities I witnessed. But why is there such a dogma in martial artists and RBSD folks? As you said, if swinging a bat like you're trying to score homeruns could quickly end the fight within three moves, who cares if its from a nonviolent sport about hitting thrown balls with a stick? If moving like a ballet dancer could help you fluidly escape blows who cares if Savate kicks and footwork looks effeminate?  I mean  the football tackle seriously can put a guy out of a fight esp if its towards a wall than most MT knees and boxing uppercuts.

I seriously would like your input in understanding this because it literally makes my head hurt!

Short answer is most of those guys are like virgins telling you that they know everything about sex because they've watched a lot of porn.

The image of them whacking off while saying they're so much better and knowledgeable about the subject will keep you from trying to argue with them about it. If you engage they're just going to get it on your shoes and pant legs.

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