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Self Defense/Can being a member of a nonviolent non-bigoted non-racial/cultural group or even mere association lead to eternal prejudice and even outright violence?


I was inspired to write this after seeing a post by an angry Democrat who's pissed about one of your Facebook post and went on a rant.

To sum it up you mentioned that you find the Republic-Democrat wars both ironic and hilarious because they're so vicious against each other with their slurs and animosity that if "Republicans" and "Democrats" were a race both parties would face a lot of lawsuit or something to that effect. I can't find the exact post because the Democrat's rant was deleted and Google isn't bringing the results up.

But to continue the Democrat was so pissed because he felt that race was something that you CANNOT CHANGE. You cannot change your DNA, you cannot change your ancestry, you cannot change your skin color, you cannot change your facial features. On top of that liberalism is supposed to be accepting of diversity and it does not matter what your race, what your religion, what your former association be you an ex-KKK member........

Literally he was going on a rant about how great humanism. Then he stirred the topic up saying its ludicrous because anyone can change political parties and as opposed to the Westboro Baptist Church or the ISIS terrorist, political parties aren't racist, don't judge you on past affiliation, etc

Basically he was ranting out how a white man buffoon such as you can compare democrats attacks on republicans as comparable to racist slurs such as the N word.

All his rant and your facebook post  made me curious. Is here such thing as prejudice so bad against a group that is no way affiliated with race, cultures, politics, religion, and lacks a history of bigotry and hate that last for generations and embedded into mainstream consciousness? I mean for example people who eat Halls candy being outcasted and spat down upon by society for over 6 centuries much like Jews were in Europe just before the Holocaust? Or say suddenly Roman Catholics hold prejudice against New Yorkians so bad that any New Yorkian who travels to Rome gets lynched? Or more specifically related to your facebook post fans of snickers start throwing insults towards Hershey fans  similar to democrats vs republicans?

Bonus question, since you used republicans and democrats analogy to illegal racist slurs, have there been hostility between those groups that actually go as bad as Naziesque racism? Like has there ever been an example  of a child who's great grand dad was a Republican getting outcasted by democrats? Or a now Republican politician getting kicked out of the Republican political candidate for presidency because he was once a democrat back in college? Even treatments that both parties accuse members of the opposing side of having intrinsic biologic features much like how blacks were seen as inherently STUPID monsters who love raping women and thus needed to be beat down in their place because they can never gain the sophistication and self-control to work as CEO of a company?


I don't know if it's true or not, but I saw a piece about two groups of Bernie supporters going at each other because they thought the other was Trump supporters.

How bad can it get? Look at history. And you don't have to go too far. The 20th century was the worst, but the 1800s was no picnic either.

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