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Self Defense/Does being in physically intense manual labor automatically grant you the "average asshole" psychology and conditioning?


I already know you mention most martial arts training nd most athletic training will give you neither the physical toughness or psychological tenacity to deal with the average asshole.

But I am curious is manual labor alone enough to get the psych and strength that average assholes are so infamous for having? I ask because from personal experience not all construction worker s for example have the mindset of rudeness, anger, and plain out viciousness that you describe in your webpages. In fact at least in my workplace, I seen many a fights happen in which after a single clean blow, the hit worker gives up or even whimpers and than the fight ends and everyone goes back to work.

Hell I count because I carry new furniture and other stuff into newly established businesses as the construction workers of my company are doing the finishing stuff. So despite being a manual laborer used to vigours, I'm the first one to run away from a hit and I'm not rude, angry, and jumpy that I'll just pop out and throw a fist.

I can say the same to farmers I know, miners at the bar, etc other blue collar workers. They might be grumpy but few have the psychology to hit you over a comment, let alone continue charging at you even if you just threw them on the ground with a BJJ style throws. Most just give up after a single jab-cross combo.

So what do you mean by the average asshole manual laborer? Are you referring to a specific type of job or personality type? Because I seen someone else on allexpert asked you if manual labor is enough to develop the tools to take on the average asshole a few months ago (but I can't seem to find it). Is there more to it than simply doing a job that breaks your back such as coal mining that makes you feel pissed after work that you go to a bar to drink and pay strippers to dance for you?

No manual labor won't make you an 'average asshole.' I'm not sure how you got there.

While you'll find assholes anywhere, the ones who tend to be physically violent also tend to have above average physical strength. As it gives them an advantage, they use it.

This establishes a new mean/average among those types. The average asshole tends to be stronger than most people, poorly socialized, overly impressed with himself (despite his many failings), and he's found using violence or the threat of violence often works so he's quick to go there whenever he thinks he can get away with it.

This combo doesn't make him special, it just makes him more aggressive and less hesitant to hit someone. Mostly it's the speed he escalates to physical violence that gives him victory -- not strength.  The strength adds to it, but that's not what does it. Usually it's hitting before you even think you're at a point where hitting would happen.

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