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Self Defense/Is stealth movements as simple as merely crouching and walking slowly?


I'm not sure you are the best person to ask this but since you wrote an entire chapter of hiding and moving past patrols in your Street E and E, I'm giving this a shot.

The popular image of someone is stealthfully moving without being detected is simply crouching and walking slowly while keeping alert for cameras, guards, dogs, and traps with occasionally crawling in between

I am curious is effective sneak movement as simple as crouching and walking slowly (with some crawling movements occasionally)? Or is there more to it like subtle foot positioning and leg movements?

It's a lot more complicated than that.

Although it often can be summed up as "be the slowest moving part in the landscape" that too is still a gross oversimplification. The US military has a lot of information (especially snipers and special forces)about those specific kinds of stealth movement.

As a civilian, it's a little different depending on the circumstances. (You slip through a crowd differently than when you're moving through shadows at night) It's too complicated and circumstance specific to go into. But there's a lot of information to be found if you can narrow it down (like google 'moving through a crowd' then 'moving through a crowd undetected.' 'Moving through the woods silently,' (hunting tips) "moving stealthily" etc.

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