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Hi Marc, I have read through some parts of your website, namely the following pages:

Evolution of boxing

Effective movement

Combat vs sports fighting

I believe in your webpages you mentioned that combat sports such as boxing or muay thai have 2 features in their mechanics: 1) Will not hurt the participants. 2) Will extend the fight for the audience.

Whereas effective movement needs to have 3 features 1) "secure perimeter" 2) Take away his ability to attack 3) sets up a different technique if this one fails.

May I ask if there's any aspects of a striking based combat sport that fits the bill on the effective movements and not on the sport side of things? In your opinion do you think there is stuff worth field stripping out of them or are they entirely useless without any effective movements that could end a physical incident in less than 3 moves?

Thank you very much for your time.

Let me make something perfectly clear, it is NOT a failing. It is a safety issue.

If you take away certain things from what is being done, you increase safety. If you put them back in, you increase injury.

In the early days of my writing I spoke a lot about field stripping. There was a lot of useless stuff -- I thought -- in what was being taught -- especially in Kata. Turns out that a lot of that stuff would have worked... IF the understanding of what it was hadn't been lost. Huge amounts of stuff was not only not understood, but they started making shit up. (I knew of one set of moves that someone said was your arms being grabbed from behind, you hitting them both in the groin, blocking one and then punching the other guy after he fell to the ground. I looked at that and went "Bullshit."  

Turns out however, it's a great way to break out of a bearhug and throw the dude over your shoulder. It took me 30 plus years and finally running into a guy who studied in Japan before he could explain to me why those exact same moves that were bullshit in one explanation, worked in another.

So fieldstripping was necessary because so much of what was being taught was nonsense.

Now the problem is everyone thinks MMA/UFC is the real deal. They claim it's the closest you can get to street fighting because it's no rules. No. The UFC has no prohibited sports wresting/jujitsu holds. That is light years away from 'no rules.'

You want to know how to make striking on par of what I'm talking about? Read the UFC rules, and start doing all the stuff that is prohibited.

Also however, be prepared to go to prison for maiming someone  

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