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Self Defense/Have you ever met anyone who truly doesn't feel fear?


While I've already realized long ago that being fearless is not a good survival trait(thanks to you and the writings of others),I still can't help but be curious about these kinds of people. I imagine they are just about as rare as true Asexuals(people who truly don't experience sexual lust/attraction,they are 1% of the world's population if I'm not mistaken). Are they more likely to be found in "The Life?" (or even prison)
Usually people automatically equates the fearless with sociopaths/psychopaths,but I don't think that's necessarily true. I imagine its possible to be fearless but still have a sense of morality. or am I wrong?

I've never met anyone who doesn't feel fear.

What I have met is a number of people who fear different things and for whom fear manifests differently. For example someone committing suicide by cop is actually afraid of all kinds of things, but dying isn't one of them. Don't confuse that with 'no fear.'

And usually the people who equate fearlessness with psychopaths and sociopaths have no idea what those terms mean - including that psychiatry doesn't use the term psychopath anymore.

Fear and morality is different subject than fearlessness.

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