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Self-Mutilation/I know I should want to stop but I don't.


Hey , I need some advice. I've recently been diagnosed with depression by a doctor. I self harm and feel suicidal. I cut my thighs and belly. I don't cut deep just deep enough to bleed. I've been cutting for a few months. It's become like a ritual or something, whenever I feel down, lonely, anxious even happy it's straight to the blade. I've been told I need to stop and I know I do but I don't want to. I keep telling myself it's wrong but my thoughts keep telling me it's my body I can do what I want and it's nobody else's business. I've been told whenever I'm feeling low that I have to talk to someone but I don't think talking helps at all, in fact I feel that talking nearly makes it worse because I feel like an attention seeker, so I cut instead. My main question is how do you stop if you can't bring yourself to want to stop? I'm 18 by the way.

Hi Holly,

As you know, trying to quit when you're not ready or not willing is very difficult. The best thing you can do is to take your mind off of it when you feel the urge. Or, do something other than cutting. Some people hold an ice cube until it melts, some draw on themselves with a red marker, some snap the area they cut with a rubber band. Any of these things is safer than actually cutting. Reading a book, drawing, writing, playing video games, etc., all help to take your mind off of the idea of cutting. And talking to someone does help. Make sure it's someone you trust, and don't worry about feeling like an attention seeker. Maybe even schedule regular appointments with a counselor or therapist.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,


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I can answer any and all questions about anything related to self-harm. I can offer advice on what to do if you know someone who is self-harming or if you yourself are. I can provide ways to get help and ways to cope. I have gone through counseling so I can answer questions related to that as well.


I was a self-harmer for a while, before I got the help I needed. I have been through what some of you may go through and I can provide an inside look that many others can not provide. I believe in getting help to those who need it. I have also helped friends and loved ones overcome their own self-harming addiction.

I have taken two seperate psychology classes, one at a college level. I have written two research papers on the topic of self-mutilation, focusing on cutting. I have read many books about self-mutilation. I have learned ways to cope, get help, and ways to relieve the anxiety in a way other than self-harm. I realize that I am not a psychiatrist but I believe I can help in a way that a psychiatrist wouldn't be able to by providing first hand experience with the topic.

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