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I self harmed for 1 year a couple years ago. I managed to quite but now i have started again.i managed to quit by myself before and it was a lot of effort. I dont think its worth it again because cutting myself isnt doing that much harm to me. I would go to my school nurse but i dont like her and she would tell my mum and dad and i really dont want them to find out.i cant go anywhere by myself so councilig isnt an option.i cant seem to find the point in stoping again,its a lot of effort for nothing.

Hi Teresa,

What you are feeling isn't very different from what a lot of people in your situation feel. You may not see cutting as something that is causing a lot of harm to you but it's causing more damage than you know. It's training your brain to see cutting as the only way to feel better instead of something more constructive and healthy. I understand that you don't think you can ask for help but there are a lot of online resources you can use so you can talk to someone about what you are going through. It is definitely in your beat interest to quit now before you fall too deep into the cycle.

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I can answer any and all questions about anything related to self-harm. I can offer advice on what to do if you know someone who is self-harming or if you yourself are. I can provide ways to get help and ways to cope. I have gone through counseling so I can answer questions related to that as well.


I was a self-harmer for a while, before I got the help I needed. I have been through what some of you may go through and I can provide an inside look that many others can not provide. I believe in getting help to those who need it. I have also helped friends and loved ones overcome their own self-harming addiction.

I have taken two seperate psychology classes, one at a college level. I have written two research papers on the topic of self-mutilation, focusing on cutting. I have read many books about self-mutilation. I have learned ways to cope, get help, and ways to relieve the anxiety in a way other than self-harm. I realize that I am not a psychiatrist but I believe I can help in a way that a psychiatrist wouldn't be able to by providing first hand experience with the topic.

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