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I have a storage unit facility in Ohio.  I have a customer that pays a small amount every 60 days or so, keeping me from actioning the contents of this locker.  Is there a gray area in Ohio laws that states a total amount due instead of a time frame of 60 days?  Im loosing money like crazy on this one!!


Do you belong to a State or National storage association?  If you do, you most likely could join the Self Storage Legal Network and get these questions answered very economically. As a storage owner and part of a larger real estate company with in house lawyers, we still belong to this group.

I am not an attorney, but I would suggest stop taking partial payments, demand the entire balance and start the lien process according to your state law.

State lien laws are short have a new one taking place in March in Ohio that even streamlines the process further.  It seems you are making a very small issue much more than it need to be...


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