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Almost 3 weeks ago we held an auction at a storage facility my mother owns in Vancouver, WA. One man bought two units (didn't pay much...a little over $80). He was told verbally that he had 48 hours to clear out the units and sweep it clean. I was there, and he said he understood and would be back later in the day. Unfortunately we did not put that in writing. He came back that evening and spent some time going through things, and the manager said he took a few boxes. He went back the next morning and didn't appear to take anything more, and then he never came back again.  We tried calling him, with no response, and have tried for several weeks. FINALLY, he called us back and said he had gone over the next day and the locks were changed (not true) so he's done, not coming back. I know he was lying, because the manager had asked us what we wanted to do, and we told her to wait and not overlock it yet. Even if she had, she would not have removed his locks and put ours on. He could have gone to the office and she would have let him in. She overlocked it the other day, 3 weeks after the auction, at the request of the owner.  
So, my question for you long must we hold these units before we can haul the contents to the dump (or re-auction them)?  We're going to have to move the contents to another unit because we have two people who want to rent these.
Thanks for any advice.

That buuyer is now retired and is barred from buying any future units at any of the location we auction I have called the buy and told them that it changes their mind I don't wait as long ad you did what you may want to do in the future is have the biyet sign a purchase agreement everyone who buys from us agrees to48 hours or rent the unit sorry for just getting to this question as it was just forwarded to me sorry

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