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Bill of sale is proof of ownership? is that most important document to prove I am new owner?

I will be 3rd owner to buy this business, but the 2nd owner only has bill of sale, he did not renew business permit, police permit, health permit, lease, ficititious name.  What should I take over safely?

Dear JJ

Thank you for your question.

Yes, a Bill of Sale is a legal document that can provide evidence of ownership, but there are many other instruments used by banks, title companies, attorneys, and brokers to show ownership. I strongly recommend using a broker and a title and escrow company to handle the transfer, since they have documents they use every day that can add to your Bill of Sale and cover things it may not.

One major question is whether there is real estate involved as part of the business or not. If the transfer of ownership includes real estate, it is very important to use a title and escrow company, which will generate a preliminary title report to verify conditions of the property, liens, encumbrances, and things such as that. A Bill of Sale would not be adequate to transfer business interest AND title to property.

However there are many businesses bought and sold which do not include real estate; the buyer is only buying the equipment, fixtures, furniture, inventory, and the goodwill value of the business. In this scenario, I believe a Bill of Sale would suffice, but the real issue at hand is how much information is included in the document. Whether a Bill of Sale or an Asset Purchase Agreement or any other instrument is used, the document needs to show certain details of the transfer.

Some of those are:

- descriptions of assets
- description of inventory
- dates and times
- conditions
- lease information
- covenants
- contact info

The other items, such as fictitious business name and business permit, must be done through the municipal departments by showing documentation proving ownership, so they must be completed AFTER the sale has been finalized.  

Selling or Buying a Small Business

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